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Last month, I wrote an article extolling the value of content marketing in today’s SEO landscape, now onto the nitty gritty of content writing. I can understand that writing fresh, unique content every day can be a largely daunting task (as it is for me sometimes, in between all of our business operations), but here are 3 great tips to help write some easy articles that you might not have thought about before, to get your site back ontop after Penguin.

1. Learn to be creative about topics.

Although you may think to summarize your business in a couple of sentences, and maybe it can be somewhat effectively done in that little space, consider writing individual articles for each topic. Think: if you have an electrician business, maybe you would write one article about new advances in wiring, one about effective wiring techniques that your business is now implementing, one about the different types of places you service, and maybe just one about general electricity! That’s already 4 articles, which is pretty close to a very respectable base for a website (although more content is ALWAYS better!). If you’re making a website for something, you should have a strong passion for it (especially your business), so it shouldn’t be too hard to make informative, exciting content writing happen.

2. Learn how to make lists.

List making is a very powerful “trick” that virtually ALL media outlets use in order to pump out effective, readable and organized content. Think of a paradigm within your business/the business your website is involved in, and just force out the words. That isn’t to say, publish bad content, but 9/10 when you feel there’s “nothing left to write about”, you’re just not being very creative about what you have to write about. After all, if you’re doing your business most of your life, you should have plenty of things to share, even if they are stories or words of wisdom.

3. Strive for being informative and unique.

SEO companies will always tell you the best thing you can do for your business’s presence online is to simply make informative content, and people will share it. While sometimes that’s not the most effective strategy, if you have an idea no one has created before, people will be scrambling to share it by the time you publish. Effective content writing and marketing is one of the cornerstones of SEO, and internet marketing in general. Just remember to be brief, while still being informative.

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