6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Pinterest Buzz

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How Can You Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business?

What is Pinterest in the first place? Chances are you’ve heard some kind of buzz about Pinterest or you’re like us and joined the fun. Pinterest is a new social network that allows users and brands to create pinboards and pin and share favorite images from around the web to their creatively categorized “boards”. If you haven’t seen for yourself what’s so great about Pinterest already, here are 10 eye-opening reasons why Pinterest should be a part of your social media strategy.

Make Your Brand Pinteresting!

1. Pinterest has grown crazy big, crazy fast. If you aren’t aware already, Pinterest has only been around a short time, launched in March of 2010. However, even sooner than that, it has been in the last six months that Pinterest has grown over 40000 percent with over 17 million users a month. 2. Pinterest is very viral. You are much more likely to have your content go viral on Pinterest than on Twitter, according to research. It is said that 80% of pins are repined while only 1.4% of tweets are retweeted. That is one pretty significant statistic if you ask me. One of the best accomplishments of a social platform is to get users comfortable, excited, and willing to share content. 3. Pinterest allows for creativity. Even the least likely candidates can be using Pinterest for business branding. Pinterest opens up the doors to a visual representation of a brand and the more creative an unlikely company can get on this platform, the better off they will be. 4. Pinterest is good for SEO. Just like using any top social media or networking site is essential to SEO, Pinterest is good for your link profile. Infact, Pinterest is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website or blog. Although they do not give you much link juice, getting people to your site from Pinterest is easy with the link attached to picture pinned from your website. 5. Pinterest allows for targeted traffic. Pinterest isn’t just an initiator of traffic, it’s an initiator of targeted, interested to a pin-point traffic. Pinterest gives each pin a 500 word description. Use it to your advantage and include keywords not just here, but in your board names. 6. Pinterest will widen your audience. The visual platform will allow for brand’s that aren’t capturing people attracted to visual social sharing. Not everybody wants to read a blog post to learn something new. Infographics, which are going incredibly viral on Pinterest, allow brands to interestingly share data and facts with people they may otherwise be missing out on attracting. If you’re not sure how to use Pinterest still, here is an infographic that I pinned on our Awesome Infographics board today that includes more facts and figures. Using

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