WordPress is my forte and go-to for frameworks, although I’m perfectly comfortable developing in more experimental, and conventional environments. I find that for the end-user, WordPress serves the best middle ground between rights of the consumer (open source; so you own your own code, which is not true in many cases), the customizability options a customer has post-launch, and ease of development for developers – which in turn saves developmental costs in the short and long-term. WordPress is certainly not a 100% solution to the web that it can be touted to be (although WordPress-only web development is legitimate), but it is a very good framework for organizing, inputting, and rendering data for both the developer and the user. It’s the best in fact, unless you have specific niche needs such as extensive product catalogs, but even then WordPress can handle that as well. It’s infinitely extensible and why I never hesitate to use it for building sites for people to manage in the future, from service-based informational websites to eCommerce to community to high-end.

I taught myself HTML 11 years ago and haven’t looked back. I’m very active in learning new standards for HTML5 and how they synergize with JavaScript, especially the media elements and WebGL possibilities for the future. My ability in HTML is basically ‘complete’ – I can take an image you draw and scan and turn it into a responsive layout with HTML5 (and CSS3) within a quoted timeframe. I can manipulate the DOM and BOM with JavaScript, which allows me to manipulate HTML elements in ways that normal HTML developers would never even be able to think of. The solid foundation needed for any & all web development needs.

CSS3 is an integral part of my skillset, I’m extremely fluent in writing selectors, for CSS purposes in designing, but I also use the CSS selector syntax for creative data selection within JavaScript or client based screen scraping modules to select very specific sensitive data. I can also take a picture and recreate it using HTML and CSS. I like to think of it like this,  HTML is the “lego“, CSS3 is the “lego color“, “lego size“, etc. I also use CSS3 in JavaScript for purposes of easing, transitions, as well as the aforementioned selectors, and much more

JavaScript is my specialty when it comes to coding, for a very long time in coding I had a hard time deciding what to code in, but when I realized that JavaScript is the only language that can use the browser, and it’s capable of doing most things other languages can do, it was axiomatic what I should learn. I’m fluent with jQuery, Node, Prototyping, extremely well versed in the DOM and BOM.

Python was the first language that I learned, it allowed me to figure out simple solutions to logical problems. Python is a very heavily used language with Google.  I quickly extrapolated this knowledge into Javascript and PHP. I use Python daily for organizational purposes to parse tens of thousands of lines of data, am very familiar with the stdlib, as well as popular libs like Lxml, Matplotlib, Tkinter.

“The language that runs the servers of the web” PHP is a love of mine, as it allows extreme customizability within normally static HTML documents, before PHP, web pages were “static“, they couldn’t change, not to submit data, for no reason would they change (besides JavaScript, which was seen as a gimmick when PHP was developed), so PHP integrated standardized C style programming into a language that could be wedged right in between HTML, and we have PHP, the language that over 70% of the websites use on the web. My experience in it spans 7 years, I use it daily for menial tasks, to having used it for suites to convert videos ala YouTube. Overall, I consider myself a PHP expert and have no problem utilizing all aspects of the language.

Email Marketing

I utilize email marketing day to day in managing campaigns for clients and for myself, using APIs/services such and Sendgrid, Mailchimp, ETC, in order to keep campaigns as orderly as possible, as well as helping you to understand how the mailing process works, since the logic is abstracted to graphics on these websites, we’re not looking at code, but very elegant user interfaces!

SMTP Solutions

I use and utilize SMTP daily in many types of solutions within APIs like MailChimp, Mailgun, as well as programming languages such as PHP and Python that allow me to directly interface with a mail server through the SMTP protocol, and the relevant programmatic API.

Market Research

Analyzing how traffic flows on the web and how you can capture it” backcontent=”I’m extremely familiar with Google and Bing’s respective ad programs, and thusly their keyword research tools which allows me to have a intimate grasp on search numbers for both PPC(Pay Per Click) ad campaigns and organic natural SEO campaigns for your business.


I’m very experienced in gathering data on the web and have a natural interest in statistics in marketing, I can utilize tools to screen scrape anything that a project might require for it’s completion, regardless of how old or odd it might be. I can also write scripts to automate simple tasks on your computer like generating PDFs with dynamic variables, ETC.