Blog and Shine: Ways to “Blog-Start” Your Morning or Any Day

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Blogging for some is a task. A real chore.

And this, truthfully hurts my insides somewhere just ever so slightly..

Jokes aside, it’s no secret that some people, business owners , do have a website – and love the idea of a flourishing blog – but simply do NOT have the time for it or have other obligations more suitable for their needs. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog post, you don’t fall into that category.

While it’s fine and dandy for this example business owner to be going about his morning routine, you’re here and now, ready to do your job. Perhaps you are your own one-man business and blogging away. Nevertheless, let’s agree that blogging should never be considered a chore.

However, if blogging is a task on your goal list for the day, then consider this: as I sat here and am drinking my coffee and have evaluated my day ahead of me and what I would blog about today, I realize a key component to good blogging is opportunity. But what can be so opportune to dub an article one to be read? Let’s face your facts with tips and tricks.

  • Simply enough: Begin your day by writing!

My first thought. Each and every day we rise with the sun, with a whole new day of opportunity ahead of us. We are naturally in-sync with this rotation, and we ourselves refresh ourselves every morning. Even if it’s a draft piece, try honing that break-of-dawn feeling and reel it into an uplifting and well thought out blog post.

  • Another morning trick: Have your writing station or document ready and prepped for writing first thing.

Whether you write a sentence, a paragraph, or nothing, seeing this first on your screen will boost your inspiration, kick-starting brainstorming consciously or subconsciously before you even hit the keys or pen and paper (Hey, whatever floats your boat!).

  • Get real, it’s not morning: Discipline and organize yourself anyways.

There are many ways in which you can keep a tight schedule and lock-down on your rolling motivation to become a consistent blogger. My ultimate suggestion for anybody and everybody is to keep up with an editorial calendar of blog post articles for a time frame – whether a week, a month, a few days, whatever – you are KICKSTARTING and GEARING your brain up to let loose the best advice, information, or entertainment it can dish out to your audience.

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