Brand Identity & Design

It’s not just about the pretty.

It’s the communication, the presentation and the purpose. My goal is to make sure that you succeed in all of these areas. Reach your optimal audience with your brand and create a unified brand identity that aligns with your company’s goals.


Your brand is unique so your branding should be too.


My skilled experience is applied to every piece of design, strategy and deliverable.


Everything branding is all things strategic. From your logo design to your messaging, calculated strategy is applied at every step.


It’s my job to create branding with complete wonder and part of that process includes a high level of empathy and understanding of your values.


I approach your branding on an as-needed-basis and streamline services so that you can expand at all the right moments without overthinking. 

How Can I Help Your Branding?

My goal is to make sure that you succeed in communication, presentation and purpose. Reach your optimal audience with your brand and create a unified identity that aligns with your goals through a la carte design services and branding packages that hit all the marks.


Full Suite Graphic Design

Any type of graphic design you can imagine – I can create in the aesthetic, format and quantity you need. Whether you have a strict rubric – or no idea at all – of what you want. From packaging to brochures to newsletters and so much more.

Vector Illustration

Vectors are mathematical equations brought to life for your most seamless graphics. All of my logo designs and most graphic designs are created as vector files, but you can also hire me for detailed illustrations, custom icons and other popular vectorized illustrations.  

Logo Design

Designing the perfect logo for your brand is a process that helps define the rest of your brand identity. My approach to logos is comprehensive, guided and creative.

Business Card

When you need a custom business card that’s print-ready hire my creativity to design your cards with purpose and poise.


My design services are available to create unique presentations for your next slideshow or quintessential slide templates for all your future presentations.

Signage & Event Design

When it comes to events, signage and point of sale display, your branding should overflow consistently into these physical spaces with creative flair. 

Book & eBook Design

You’ve spent countless hours and plenty of accounting on writing your book – don’t cut corners on its design. I can create flawlessly professional books, ebooks and cover designs alike.

Social Media Design

Whether you need templates or specific social media posts and ads for a campaign, I can create graphics that will impress and connect with your audience.  

Ad Design

Hire a graphic designer that knows how to professionally and creatively apply design principles to create the perfect display ads or graphics for your next campaign.  

Brand Identity Packages


A package to discover and define your unique brand identity, your brand’s optimal positioning, your market positioning and your target audience.

Package Price: $3,500


A package to define your visual identity through your logo and brand style guide, complete with your official standards for color palette, mood, typography, media guidelines and other design elements.

Package Price: $3,500


A package to extrapolate your identity to define your internal & external brand messaging and voice, including your tagline, official mission and vision statements, your story, language personality and key communication guidelines.

Package Price: $3,500


This package goes past defining your target audience and creating your branding style guide and dives into the core of your brand. This is your ultimate plan for how your branding will operate, market and expand.

Package Price: $6,500


This package is designed for brands who want to absolutely define and executive their branding online perfectly. Your Digital Branding Architecture is a unique guide that will cover communications style and design style specifically for your quintessential digital footprints – such as email messaging & voice, social media style, search audience identity, and more.

Package Price: $4,000


A package created for brands who need all of their classic brand identity collateral under one, easy-to-order service. Your Brand Identity Collateral package covers both digital and physical items and includes items such as business cards, sign displays, email design, and much more.

Package Price: $5,000


Explore special combination packages, a la carte pricing and what comes included in these convenient, craft packages.

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