About Kate

Servicing in the web marketing industry for 10 years, my life revolves around good design and strong communication. Keeping these two at my core strikes a constant balance for my services and aspirations to unfold as a multi-faceted marketing consultant, web developer and branding strategist.

I began creating digital art before I could blow ten candles out on a cake and before another ten years passed, I found myself getting paid to professionally create art and marketing for a variety of businesses; providing a wholesome experience for others that invited my passions for people and creativity both.


My professional path and roots go back to a creative upbringing and working in a family print shop early on. I gained insight into how to maintain quality service and care in such demanding and competitive creative industries. Transitioning in 2009 with a growing interest in the power of the internet, I began understanding how the world of search engine optimization and social media marketing were shaping together more and more every day.

Specializing in SEO and after running many successful campaigns for affiliate marketing and excellent organic search engine results, I decided to turn a new leaf and extend my marketing services to individuals and businesses, realizing the potential power harnessed to help others – and not just with SEO. Only but a year later, I was freelancing as a marketing specialist and a web developer both.

This invited a whole fresh world of
designing, developing, and digitally servicing.

My dreams came true before my eye, and they continue to.

I began creating the logos, websites, and communicating directly with my clients to make their dreams come true too. I found myself having the time of my life creating everything from blogs to billboards to brand identity; and everything in between. Time spent personalizing with clientele has helped me to build a strong sense for the need to humanize a very digital, and oftentimes robotic, industry.

Centric to my work and a vision for a better world wide web and healthy economy, I am for making it easy for business owners and newcomers to understand web technologies and marketing concepts presented in our digital age.

Within the past few years, I have established myself uniquely as both a skilled website developer and a skilled designer, honing my web development and programming prowess, and positioned myself as a full-service, multi-layered brand consultant.

My focus will always remain heavily rooted within creating manageable and personalized systems or pieces for all walks of life.

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