3 Reasons Your Small Business Marketing Plan Should Be Online

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A small business marketing plan can sometimes be a complicated thing to formulate. The number of factors involved is immense, such as what avenue of advertising–print, online, television, radio, etc. Of course, there are many different factors involved in this decision, but it is our personal goal of my blog is to have a focus on informing our readers of the advantages that come with online marketing.

Why Should Your Small Business Marketing Plan Be Online-Based?

Every day more and more people visit and use the web frequently, to find the things they need, whether they want to buy a specific product online, or they want to find a business to go to locally. As we become a more modern, technological society, these numbers will only increase. As a result that has long been observed and established over the past few years, people are searching for businesses online and not on the Yellow Pages. Thus, this method of advertising is the most sustainable, because not just the present, but the future of advertising is largely the internet. By starting a small business marketing plan now, you are both investing into your future AND taking the initiative to stop missing out on the clients who are online, and finding your competitors instead. Here are some points to think about:

  • The potential Return on Investment is the highest. With the internet, you can target your visitors exactly, so there’s NO waste of money. Advertising in the newspaper or Yellow Pages can be quite haphazard, as you can’t ensure that everyone who sees your ad is interested in your services. In fact, in advertising on many “general” platforms like billboards, TV, and newspaper, only a small percentage of the people who see your ad will actually be interested in it. From the people who are actually interested in your ad, a even smaller percentage will be willing to buy or follow up with your ad. However, on the internet, every single person who sees your ad, wants to buy your products, because your ad only displays when people “tell” the computer that they’re interested in something. Say for example you own a furniture store in Los Angeles, and you wish to advertise online for it. You can show your ad ONLY to people who are looking for a furniture store in Los Angeles.


10 people search for “furniture store Los Angeles” a day. Do you think these people make sales from having such an authoritative positioning?


  • You have the most control over your advertising. You can decide how much you want to put into it, you can put $10 into a campaign and get results. Or, you can scale it up and put millions into a campaign. It’s all about how much research you do on your market, by choosing the most profitable micro- markets to buy ads in, for the lowest amount of money.

Is an online small business marketing plan the best strategy?

So, as you can see so far, online marketing is the easiest, the most targeted, and the most profitable. It may be intimidating to people who aren’t familiar with technology, but stay familiar with our resources here at The People’s Marketing to get more familiar with this amazing source of exposure. If you want to know more, are in need of more in-depth consultation or a market analysis, or would like our team to strategize a small business marketing plan for you, feel free to get in touch with me!

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