How is SEO in 2019 Affected by 2019 Technology

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2015 is, as every is at one point, the new year. This year, many things have happened within the technical community to allow different technologies and strategies to flourish on the web, with many outlets. While this post will primarily talk about marketing, the technology shift that has came with new libraries, frameworks and CDNs like Vue, React, WordPress, and so many more. Artists can now transmit and integrate their work across the web with techniques that are revolutionary simple, a product of good people who want to see a better web. to check out more what it’s all about.

How Technology Dictates 2019 Marketing

In 2019 Google is forced to see social signals (blog posts about someone on a site like Tumblr, links on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) as the defining factor when ranking a website. These sites are so universally popular and demand user interaction, so if someone is being interacted with frequently on a social media site, they’re likely to be an authority on whatever their subject matter. As a result, if you want to control Google nowadays it’s not as “cheating” as it used to be. There is no “magic pill”, you must create (or simulate) original content and interaction with this content on your social network accounts which are connected with your brand (Usually through “URL” fields in profile). In 2019 marketing, this is great for the real business. If you’re really dedicated to bringing your business online, you will add content frequently (or, this is how Google sees it), and by adding relevant (to your niche) content to your website, to Social Networks connected to your website, Google sees your brand as authoritative, because you have made it so.

Hard work truly pays off in the marketing/SEO game nowadays, more than anything. This system guarantees that people are faking and generating bad content through machine learning algorithms have to go legit. As a result we have a more clean, organized, and informative internet.  This is what Google encourages. Thus, what it gives weight to when it decides what and how to rank things within it’s algorithm, clean, organized, reliable, and cited content. Make yourself an authority.

How to Succeed with SEO Marketing in 2019

So really if you want success in your business through organic SEO in 2019, you have to create original content, and equally as important, syndicate it! Make sure the world sees it, because if the world sees it, Google certainly will.

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