How to SEO in 2019; Back to the basics!

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SEO has been a very “up and down” market, as well as profession, since its inception — which is the inception of search engines, this is true in SEO in 2019 aswell. From the moment Google has existed and was an authority, people have had interest in being at the top of Google for specific terms; that is an absolute constant. But what has been very dynamic over the years is exactly how to rank websites, because Google doesn’t want you to do SEO (search engine optimization), and thus they cycle and filter through good and bad ideas both, and the again and again, the tides shift.

I think that has stopped a bit. Why?

Because it’s very systematic, quick, and logical to ascertain real content from spam. Although there still may be spammy ways to utilize if one wished, the search engines are very indicative that keyword density, content volume and user engagement are the cruxes upon which proper search engine optimization marketing will rest. So in light of these new changes, what can you do to rank yourself safely in Google?

1. Use keywords in articles as much as they should be used in order to make them relevant to SEO in 2019.

It’s really simple: all you have to do is use the words you would like to rank for in search engine marketing campaigns. For example, if I wanted to rank for “how to seo”, I better say it many times in my article! The same goes with Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, Pepsi fanpage sites, and your local dining — whatever things you could write about, pick a few keywords, and make sure you stick to the subject!

2. Realize social media is more important than ever in SEO in 2019.

Social media is evolving in terms of consistency, respect, and authority, both to the public and to companies like Google. You would be hard pressed to find a site that Google trusts more than Twitter or Reddit, so if you represent yourself on these websites, you’re making yourself relevant. You should NOT spam these websites, as it only hurts the web. Use one account and post useful, engaging content related to your subject and have patience along with using the method below. Patience is becoming key in all content campaigns of the future.

3. Make sure your links make sense for doing SEO in 2019.

This might be a mouthful, but Google likes when you reference yourself, or other people in an article/editorial. If you reference relevant posts on your site that pertain to the new subject you’re writing about but expand upon what you’re saying or add to the use of the concepts, be sure to link to the article. This honestly builds a great deal of respect from your audience and search engines alike.

4. Stick to the classics when doing search engine optimization, especially in 2019.

There’s really no reason to reinvent the wheel. Google will always shift regarding SEO; it throws people off. There’s no need to compete; just steadily build up a online presence that is accurately linked toward itself. For example, your site links to your Twitter — now they know it’s your Twitter because they link back to each other. The best SEO tips come from common sense in PR. I’ll be writing more about how to optimize pages in the near future, but definitely check out some still very relevant, classic articles, like making sure your images are optimized for the web, or timeless tips on creating relevant content, which will ALWAYS be the most deciding factor in SEO, relevant content!

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