4 Social Media Tips for a Fresh Web Perspective

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Whether you’re new to the game called social media or you’re a long-running veteran, in the year 2019, there’s plenty of new discoveries to be made which can uncover new success for your business. The truth is that in this digital age, things evolve at an ever-increasing rate and to stay afloat: you’ve got to rock the boat, baby!

If you’re not willing to rock the boat, you’re not going to create any significant waves. Some of what were once golden methods to success in social media are simply now a dying a breed–and those are just the facts of life on the web. While some traditional methods stick, platforms, methods, secret sauces to success; they can all change in the blink of an eye. If you’re going to be participating at all, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled, lest you appear outdated and foolish to the eyes who take notice to you.

Whether you’re manning your marketing yourself, you’ve got an in-house member with the know-how at your disposal, or you’ve decided to outsource your social media marketing plans all around, it’s safe to say that taking notice to these social media ideas will inject new life into your social media goals and refresh your perspectives.

1. Change Perception Not Just Perspective

Always consider the perception your customers have of your brand, not just your perspective as to what the best way to reach them is. Brand positioning matters even more nowadays and you should be aware of not just your competitors, but how consumers view you in relation to everyone else.

2. Get Real

About what? Why, everything! How you’re spending your time; who you’re engaging with; how you’re approaching new visitors and “followers”; how often you’re making conversions; why you’re here. What is your purpose? Can your customers easily identify what it is? Can your audience identify with it?

3. Find Appeal

Let’s face it already. We’re full-fledged bombarded with all kinds of content. How can you best stay on top of your game in being hip and viral? Be original where it counts and borrow pizzazz only when needed. Re-inventing the wheel has never been easier, so take advantage of the ability to survey what’s hot and what’s not. At a rudimentary level, do not be afraid to bring personality to the table!

4. Stay Consistent to Seal the Deal!

One of the most important things to remember is to remain stable and consistent. Your image depends on it. As it takes about 4-6 brand touches to actually be remembered, don’t forget to keep in mind that making brand image changes too soon or often will have you losing out instead of gaining.

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