Why Blogging is an Important Part of your Marketing Plan

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Blogging is extremely important to marketing, especially in 2019 and 2020. Blogs are a trusted source of info, experiences, and advice on the Internet. They have been since the early days of the Internet, in incarnations like LiveJournal and Xanga. Many people also had private blogs reviewing foods or for coverings celebrities, music, etc. blogs have grown every year though pretty much since their inception. They are now at the point where they can influence global trends. They are a great way to get your message out there. As well as influence your rankings in the search engine. Below are a couple of ways that you can do this –

Writing Blogs in 2019-2020

Writing a blog is a next-level way to get your news out there. Many corporations and big companies, small companies as well as utilize blogs in order to bolster their presence on the internet.  You can either write your own blog if you are a single person business or a small business with a couple of people –  and this can pay dividends if you are judicious in the market on social media or you invest in a Seo campaign for your website, a couple of hours a week can turn into big results with attention, meaning more conversions, meaning more readers and sales!  

How to write your own blog

Point being, you can write your own blog or you can have other people waiting for you or a combination of both. You can even make a blog that supports your niche. Think if you owned an energy drink company if you started a blog about work productivity. You could cover many different ways to perform better in the workplace and plug your energy drinks as well. Cross-promotion is good in most forms.

You can also comment on blogs and create a dialogue with other people and your niche on the Internet, this gives you credence that you wouldn’t have otherwise because you can  ‘piggyback’ off of the domain authority and page authority of the blogs that you are commenting on. You can borrow a bit of clout on every website that you went back to your website on. Especially if it’s a blog website where you have comments and you can talk back to the blog authors.

Blogs as a resource

Researching blogs is a great way to do market research in any niche. Blogs are the most intimate form of discussion on the Internet. But they are also a bit hard to find if you are looking for specific topics and interests. But a bit of diligence will serve you well. As I told you how valuable the website you commenting on it’s probably which is related to your niche, and it’s powerful. This helps boost your relevancy within Google as well.

Blogger is also a great place to get ideas for what to do in your life, there are lots of great blog networks out there, maybe you can find some on your own.


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