Instagram in 2019 Uses and its Evolution: What is it?

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Instagram in 2019 draws in a huge crowd of followers and user base. In part because it connects so many people around the globe in such an aesthetically pleasing way. The design put behind Instagram was engineered to originally allow for a visual and interactive experience through visuals exclusively. Some other social sites, like Pinterest for example, revolve around a more visual-based approach to social networking and sharing. Instagram took the ability to quickly share with others the happenings in your daily life.  With the visual component that isn’t forced if you’re on, say, Tumblr, Instagram is solely visual. Instagram is exclusive to visual social media, whether videos or pictures.

History of Instagram – 2012 to 2019 (and on!)

At first it was just a “Telegram” with “Insta” at the beginning. A cheeky company started by college kids to send “Instant Telegrams”, it caught viral fire quickly and Facebook bought it for a billion dollars in 2012, only a small time after the company’s launch. In 2019, Instagram drives billion-dollar brands.

pink and white square illustrationProper usage of Instagram in 2019

Positioning yourself properly within the social sphere you can grow in numbers and through savvy marketing and great content. These people take a large monopoly in the social market. Instagram accounts for a whopping percentile of the Instagram market having over 500 million active users who log in daily.  Yes, you read that right: daily! The benefits of being able to automatically reach out and engage with such a type of audience are priceless. If you have a direct link or connection to aesthetically driven marketing with a product or service you’re offering. Or, are trying to target and reach people who apply or use digital media in specific ways, depending on their industry.

Once Instagram expanded, it became more robust with features, the growth of popular hashtags ( based off the Hash Table scientific computing concept) and their followings, and the subsequent daily uploads made in connection to those hashtags. With more complex searching, and exploring features, the benefits of an automated system for Instagram machines are practical for you to implement.

When you are controlling your activity properly, and creating the engagement that you would manually do yourself – without taking up your time – you are directly engaging with the people you want to be right in front of. Even the smallest of actions, like liking a photo, can yield you the potential to be seen by the right person following that person, who sees you on the list of people who’ve liked this photo.

Every action has a reaction and that couldn’t be any truer in the world of social media.

blue and red square logoControl your brand properly with sites like Instagram in 2019

Especially sites like Instagram, where users are actively looking and paying attention to things like other users. What other people are up to, who likes what, new people to follow, and generally more friendly with viewing public content. So, this is the best way to target your audience visually. Your Instagram automation will produce you more so much more efficient and return on your effort while you can handle other tasks.

The goal is to become an influencer, have more people following you than you follow. That makes you an influencer. The ratio of people following you to follow. IE 10:1, 100 followers 1 following, is a measure of your level of influence along with your follower number.

Instagram in 2019 – Everything is on here, really.

Now in 2019, Instagram is the defacto platform for everything. From fashion outfits, music talk and music drops. Fashion drops, recipes, inspirational quotes, ways for people to live their life. Virtually everyone has an Instagram that allows you to see inside their “Persona”. As we would call it from a psychological perspective – how we would like the world to perceive us. Instagram is extremely powerful for networking and marketing in 2019. This is new frontier for marketing as well as human development, make sure to be aware of it!

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