Understanding Social Media and Why Use Social Media in 2019

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Social networking and marketing has been a keyword, buzzword, and to me, a way of life for the past near decade. Social media marketing constitutes that there is a social network, full of people who, presumably and ideally, would like to buy something. In the first days of social media marketing, people would accrue tens of thousands of real likes at Facebook pages, only to quickly “burn” them for profit by posting deceptive ads on the page. We’re in a new world. It’s no longer effective to be fake – or even pushy; it’s necessary to be real.

Your Social Branding is Your Social Identity

When you define your business social identity online, you’re doing so many things. You’re cataloging your days, life, future, thoughts, and meanderings, but this is just on a personal level of course. When we realize EVERYONE in the world is doing the same thing: everyone in the world sees “like if suggested by” ads, everyone sees retweets, etc. Don’t be timid to get into a social media marketing strategy for yourself because you feel small as a startup or niche as a local business. You become large from forming big opinions not lots of little, weaker ones. This generates authenticity, which people can smell a mile away on the web now. Everyone knows a scam, so, everyone knows the inverse.

How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

If you’re doing all of this indexing for people to see you – for you to market B2B or B2C, or your direct social media audience in simplest terms, then what are robots seeing you as? Robots sometimes hit one small Twitter page 100 times a day just to check if it has changed. EVERYTHING you do socially, is a marketing signal for your small business. And it all adds up. Period. Every person you engage with could be an open door to a new opportunity or a lead for your goal. Not only that, but it could be the “juice” that pushes you over the edge with Google for some really great search terms. Either way – expand your social portfolio reach and expand your search engine reach!

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