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With all the buzz going on  about uncertainties in the world of SEO; what kind of links to get, do or no follow, what PR, how many OBLs (outbound links), and really any other kind of “sky is falling” rationality that could be applied–is. Truly though, the best way to increase your SEO (which is the practice of making yourself relevant), is to write new articles that are related to your niche. Now how crazy does that sound? To make yourself relevant, you must…dun, dun, dun: make yourself relevant with content marketing! It’s common sense really. Google wants to display the most relevant results for ANY given query. If you’re making yourself look not only relevant, but consistently updated with fresh content. What choice does Google have but to rank you and your content marketing strategy, if you follow their own guidelines?

Stay on Your Game with Good SEO Content Marketing

Content marketing is of course not the only factor, but it is in my opinion the most overlooked. Not just freshly updated, but refreshingly good updates. As a lot of water cooler SEO talk is bragging about links, and not about how often and well sites are updated–which in the post-Penguin world is really something to consider in your web marketing plan–you should stick to nothing but fresh content (completely unique, consistent, and and smart–appeasing Google and your target audience).

Here’s a few tips for writing articles that will help your site’s content marketing SEO stay steady or soar not suffer.

1. Still use appropriate meta-titles, and meta-descriptions. If you’re unfamiliar, they’re essentially a hidden tag in your webpage that talks to Google. If you go to Google, for instance, say that  you want to rank for Dog Collars. Why not use that term quite a few times in the article you write? It’s only making yourself more relevant (SEO = relevance). Here’s an example of how your meta keywords and meta descriptions are not hidden:
2. Write around 300-500 words–good words. Make sure your article is informative, not just a quick blog check-in. While those are no means always bad, your main objective is to get your website to be relevant for terms, and if you’re not talking about anything, how relevant will you be? You must make an effort to provide value. Apply keyword research to be appropriately relevant.
3. Always think of something new to write about. If you need ideas, make sure to visit the Google Keyword Tool, punch in your keyword into it, and look at Google’s suggested ideas. It’s easy to branch out using this methodology, and you’ll likely never run out of things to write about.  To take things a step further, get organized and create yourself an editorial calendar based around the research you do. If you need writing help for your site, Ioffer rock-solid, informative, SEO-optimized articles as well as content marketing distribution strategies. Contact me today to find out prices.

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