Five Things to Consider in eCommerce Optimization

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eCommerce is now the number one source of commerce in the entire world. This means that if you have your business on the Internet, the E stands for electronics which infers that your business is online(although, not all electronics are online!). When using the cameras to sell your products on the web you definitely should consider a few things, being that your customers and search engine will both be looking at your website. Looking at your website for signs of quality as was signs of speed as well as signs of modernity, these are the facets of competition.

Number 1 how fast can visitors take action on your eCommerce website

Factors such as Page load speed time and the place is in which you place the calls to action are all hugely important in deciding whether you are visitors we will purchase from your website. This involves keeping meticulous to have the size of pictures that are rendered on your website as well as possibly Self hosted videos.

Great ideas for this perspective are to keep your page loads speed time below three seconds, make sure the cart is always visible so there customers can check out whenever they would like to, make sure they add to cart button is a direct link checkout button and less you really don’t want that to happen.

When using a eCommerce site people always want to be shown more, people look at stores because they’re bored and they have money so you should probably entertain with your products. This is a good way to look at it, you should always be doing cross promotion on your articles and products.

Quick checkouts in eCommerce

Checking out quickly is also a huge facet when it comes to e-commerce in 2019, I have heard many people personally say that they will not visit a page it takes more than a minute to buy a product. People get confused by a lot of buttons and a lot of words so it’s best to keep it simple when displaying a check out information for the customer. However be sure to have a thorough return policy as well as a terms of service which also helps with your SEO onsite

Be sure to be thorough in the receipt to you give to the customer after the order both on the web page and on email, this creates a great sense of trust between you and the buyer.

Proper categorization really drives demand with a niche markets, you can even create a niche markets by categorizing things properly and showing how I like certain things can be. Shopify excels in this and using the collections attribute to separate products. You can also accomplish this easily with Woocommerce Categories, which is my go to.

Overall if you have a clean website with clean HTML, optimize keywords, and decent social presence you should be ready to step in the world with SEO. In doing so, get some better back links as well as social presence and social sharing.


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