SEO in 2020 – The Basics of Optimizing Your Website

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SEO in 2020 is a huge topic when you have a website. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Making your site more attractive to search engines. You need to be at the top of rankings. Or rather you would like to be, for things that are relevant to your niche.

If you are, for instance, a jeweler and you are number one on Google for the term “buy gold”. You will have many customers in one day, since millions Google that phrase a day. This is an extreme example of how good SEO can be for business, but you can extrapolate it down to the smallest of things as well for SEO in 2020.

Ranking #4 for a fairly prestigious keyword I never intended to. Just applied solid research behind the article and solid on-site SEO.

The point is.. every keyword has a certain value based on the intrinsic value of the good, as well as the demand. This is indicated by the CPC or Cost Per Click.  Google offers this metric, which you can use as a gauge to see how “good” a keyword or niche is, or isn’t for SEO in 2020.

Why it’s difficult to explain SEO in 2020, but ACTUALLY simple.

SEO in 2020 is a bit of an esoteric topic because it is ever-changing and hard to study and understand. By its own nature and design because it is following goals on an algorithm that is supposed to be unknown. However, if you observe patterns and have many case studies, you can study these algorithms and insert yourself where you need to be. People have a LOT to gain by telling you what SEO “truly” is. And that’s the problem. Google wants to do this, ‘gurus’, etc. There is a lot of noise when it comes to SEO but sticking to the basics will almost never fail. With a few twists.

Being ahead of the game with SEO in 2020

But that means people who have a handle on SEO in 2020 are very ahead of the game because it’s something that is so challenging to study and build up over time. The best strategy when it comes to SEO in 2020 is to start by having a cohesive content creation plan. This includes creating content every day.

Velocity for your website via content – that is keeping relevant to the list that you aim to be relevant in or rank in. Content is indeed king, and it has been a saying for a long time in the SEO world.

The content should also be rich in words that are relevant to your niche, audience and content you are promoting. This means if you were writing an article for the term: “buy gold” you need the words “buy gold” in the title, the headers, and all throughout the article. A certain percentage (which is about 3 to 5%) of the words in the article should match the focus keyword.

Other great ideas to utilize keywords within the context of your site are things like making links and having the text of the link be your keyword.

When it comes to links for your site, also apply a plan for velocity. You want links that link TO your site from their site – external links. And links that link to other pages or spots on your website, that are relevant and support the content, strengthening the overall authority of your entire website – internal links.

This is a strong example of how good SEO in 2020 is something hard to stop once you start. Because you see exactly how you are reinforcing your own authority, and by stopping, stopping your authority. Let your content and what kind of content you distribute be as complex as you’d like, but never forget the simplicity that is just being consistent with new content and new external and internal links. You can also increase your authority by having high authority external links that point to your site. Or a page that you would like to rank for a specific niche with a specific keyword.

As you might be able to tell, being good at SEO in 2020 is a task that requires research as well as execution, in tandem.

For research you can use Google itself. They have a great keyword research tool. Or you can use any one of the third-party APIs that amalgamate data across sources. Like SEO Moz and Ahref.

It’s imperative to have great research behind you as you go forward.  This is how you will know exactly what your goals are in terms of reach and difficulty in attaining those rankings. However, as with all things, you can go too far with research. If all you do is research new keywords and twists of niches, without actually starting your content and link distribution, you’ll never make a good site, let alone strong SEO behind it. You have to do more than just research good ideas, even if they could be million-dollar ideas. Don’t just let your research live in your head or on your desk. Apply it!

The Psychology of SEO in 2020

Overall, SEO is something that should be thought of within the context of your website, and web presence. But you should integrate it healthfully into your psyche, insomuch that you don’t even think about it. Certainly don’t overthink it. If you want to be a good SEO, you should apply your learned skills and systems in all of your marketing, and all your content, all of the time. Shape that together with rich content and you will continually connect with your audience on a higher level. You should naturally try to always make sure it’s optimized somehow. There’s basically no reason not to do so.

Over time, your content will build to larger proportions, and you can become an actual authority regarding whatever you are running your website about. If Google sees that you are both: updating every day, and are an up-to-date resource regarding your niche, Google has no other choice but to rank you. Of course, other factors like nuances of social signals and backlinks make up this determination too, but that will be covered in my next article. This is all the place to both begin and maintain the continual base of your SEO.

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