Effective Marketing Strategies 2018: Building A Social Presence

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5 Effective Marketing Strategies | Building Your Social Presence

If you run a business, it is becoming more and more imperative to not only embrace the use of social media, but use it for its full marketing potential, which is why we created this list of best practices for effective marketing strategies across social media platforms. Promoting  your business and building a strong brand identity for your company, even as a small independent business is crucial in today’s online marketing world. Every day more and more people, from customers to competitors, are joining social media. Follow these 5 effective marketing strategies to simplify and structure your social efforts for your best ROI.

The 5 Most Effective Marketing Strategies to Social Media Awareness

1. Branch Out Your Social Brand Image As a business owner using social media for marketing, don’t limit your efforts to just Twitter and Facebook. Although these are important facets of your social strategy, a strong social strategy means getting your name out everywhere you can. This doesn’t mean signing up, setting up profile information, and letting your name sit idle. This is a mistake that many small business owners make when trying to hop onboard with social media marketing. One of the most important tips to appendage effective marketing strategies of all kinds: Take your time in understanding them. When it comes to social media marketing, this is pretty important. Letting a profile sit idle, along with too infrequent posting, or on another hand, spammy posting, leads to negative social recognition. Social Media is about interacting, so choose your platforms based on where your time will be most well-spent.

Ask yourself: Where is my target market spending time on social media? What social networking sites are related to my niche?

2. Create A Clear Plan There is a place for everybody on social media. However, this doesn’t mean that jumping into social media without a plan will end up well for everybody. The reality is that the best and most effective marketing strategies for your company’s social media image, is pin-pointing a definitive plan. Using social media for marketing can be a powerful tool, whether you’re directing traffic to your blog or funneling sales, but it is effective only if you know what benefits you are trying to gain from utilizing it. You must first determine your goals. Once your goals are clear, you should create a month-by-month plan of action for your social media efforts. Creating a clear-cut plan for your social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ in order to save time and assign the proper resources to your campaigns.

Ask yourself: Do I want to make more sales through social media? Do I want to help assist my clients with customer service? With education in my market? Do I want to promote my website? My blog? All of the above?

3. Evaluate Your Results What is the point of coming up with a definitive plan and executing it if you’re not going to measure your results? All effective marketing strategies for social media marketing include monitoring what actually happens when you implement it over time. Social media doesn’t come to fruition over night, but analyzing the results you do see will help you build over time. One basic–yet effective–way to measure your social marketing is with Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you are able to measure the traffic to your website and analyze where it is coming from. With it, you can track how much of your traffic is coming from Facebook, how much Twitter, how much from Reddit, how much from LinkedIn, etc. Some other good social media monitoring tools include Klout and Hootsuite. There are plenty of ways that you can measure the effectiveness of campaigns without even touching any these tools, and that is by simply exploring what’s happening right there on your social media sites. If you’re having trouble with getting your social sites to take off, take a look at your fans, likes, and followers, and determine if your audience is made up of enough of the customers you’re targeting.

Ask yourself: What kind of content could I be producing and sharing more of? Am I sharing too much of my own promotions? Am I interesting my target market? Am I initiating conversation? How can I better persuade my followers to share my links?

4. Save Time By Outsourcing As a small business owner, you may likely have limited time, resources, and money to put towards social media marketing, which is why one of the effective marketing strategies for building a social media presence does not rely on handing your social media over to your sales or customer service team. Many small business owners who can’t find time to spend on social media themselves opt to have their personnel take care of their social media as they can. But the fact of the matter is for your social media to be worth your time and money, don’t be afraid to outsource the work, and let your staff handle what they were hired to do. If you’d like to learn about how I can help you with your social media, contact me. Our consultative services are always free because we’re here to help you.

5. Directing Your Social Media Influence If you want your social media marketing to be supported with the most effective marketing strategies, don’t forget to also direct traffic to your social media sites. Social media marketing involves all kinds of networking and interaction. It’s all about getting people (ideally your target market) attracted, interested, persuaded, and influenced by your branding. Once your profiles are launched and complete, along with your outlined goals, your main goal is to get visitors to remember you; your branding must actually make an impact. (And branding isn’t just your graphic design, but in social media it is foremost the way you communicate to your audience!) The first step you can take to making effective marketing strategies for social media marketing campaigning is direct traffic to your social media sites themselves. This means putting your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn pages and links (or even icons to show you have them) on business cards, flyers, point-of-sales, and any kind of printer collateral you have. Not just offline, but online too. Make sure all of your social media links are visible, attractive, and inviting. Don’t rely on others to just “look you up.” Influence your audience from the get-go, and these effective marketing strategies will work wonder for your business.

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