Advertising on TikTok – How to Get Started

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TikTok is the hottest social network for smartphones for the past few years. This means there’s nothing better you could do for brand exposure than getting in on advertising on TikTok now!

Created in 2016, TikTok has become one of the most used social media in the world by 18-24 year olds who represent around 80% of users.

Discover what TikTok is, why you should bet on it to succeed in your digital strategy, the numerous advertising formats, and winning digital marketing methods on TikTok in this post. I’ll also provide you an example at the end of a winning TikTok strategy.


Why should your digital marketing strategy include advertising on TikTok?

Similar to its rivals Facebook and Instagram, TikTok didn’t hesitate to introduce itself as a platform for brand promotion.

In order to increase the flow of consumers, businesses now have a professional area in which to post their adverts thanks to the digital network. Their format of digital video is the standard for bite sized infotainment, and Instagram and Youtube are competing now with Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts.

Success did not take long to arrive; in 2019, one billion dollars had already been invested in TikTok ad launches!

Brands have realized the value of this platform in their digital marketing strategy, given its 1.7 billion app downloads.

They can present a more human aspect and establish a casual connection with their potential clients on the increasingly popular platform.

Brands like Nike and Bershka have recognized this and use TikTok to interact with their customers through influencers and brand ambassadors that promote their products well.

It is the platform of choice for businesses who aim to market to people under the age of 35.

It’s an effective method for producing thousands, sometimes even millions, of views and increasing visibility.

The Nature of Content Posted on TikTok

With the help of filters, stickers, and fun effects, like slow motion or speeding up, users of TikTok can make and share short videos that can last up to 180 seconds.

Users of TikTok, for instance, post videos of their daily activities or dances to music. They also record videos in which they sing along, or they use voices from movies or famous celebrities.

They can also produce sketches or choreographies.

Users can really challenge themselves on TikTok – it’s undeniably an extremely popular and entertaining social network that gets you hooked!

The music that is chosen to go with the visuals is crucial. In fact, TikTokers may look up the music used in a video to view all the other ones that have been made using that same song. You improve the likelihood that your video will receive a lot of views and become viral by utilizing music that is popular.

advertising on tik tok

The Successful Techniques for Advertising on TikTok

On TikTok, there are various ways to market your business.

I’ve chosen a few of the most noteworthy:

Use Hashtags to Challenge

As a brand, you’ll inspire users to produce entertaining video content about your company, service, or good. Users will be prompted to use your brand name as the hashtag. Taking on this challenge will help you to expand your community, engage your audience, and market your company.

Your brand can suddenly become well-known just by researching hashtags that are blowing up!

Form a Collaboration with Infamous Influencers

You considerably improve your chances of getting your brand seen by your target audience by contacting well-known TikTok influencers who are in tune with your brand. Ensure that the influencer(s) you choose share the same values as your business and are likely to be of interest to their audience when advertising on TikTok.

On this social network, you may easily raise your profile and grow your community. Additionally, you may monitor your audience’s engagement level because of your professional analytics.

Promote on TikTok!

Since 2020, TikTok has offered businesses the chance to promote their products straight from the site. These show up in the user feed, much like on other social networks.

On TikTok, commercial content must be unique, visually appealing, and entertaining in keeping with the platform’s guiding principles.

Be aware that more “serious” and expert commercials won’t necessarily have the desired impact on TikTok. Subscribers want to see joy and spontaneity the most.
There are many advertisement styles on TikTok – with many different formats for advertising. Consider the following appealing formats:

1. In-feed Videos:

You produce 15-second videos to put in your feed to persuade viewers to do a certain action linked to your company’s name, services, or goods (eg. inviting users to visit your website or to download your app).

2. The “Brand Takeover”:

Your advertisement appears in full screen as soon as a user opens their application. When you want to spread the word about a deal or a product, use this strategy.

3. The #hashtag Test:

You already know about it from what I just said. The most well-known TikTok challenge is this one. It entails encouraging your community to participate in a challenge for a number of days in a row by producing content and using the hashtags that best represent you.

In brief, you combine the brand takeover strategy and the in-feed video strategy by first making your films visible in full screen for 24 hours before making them visible in the user’s feed.


You can add 3D objects, effects, masks, stickers, or filters to viewers’ movies using branded effects. Their involvement with your brand should grow.

Examples of Advertising on TikTok Successfully

I’ve chosen a successful TikTok advertisement as our example.

Mercedes-Benz has decided to challenge Generation Y and Z TikTokers in Germany and the UK with the #MBStarChallenge Hashtag Challenge because they own more than 40% of cars.

The task for TikTokers was to produce brief videos with the Mercedes-Benz logo revamp as their central idea. All of the brand’s official channels then ran the winning videos.

Success arrived quite quickly! 185,000 films were produced by the 73,000 TikTokers that accepted the challenge. Mercedes-Benz earned more than 180 million views in both countries and more than 30,000 new profile subscriptions as a result of the hashtag challenge campaign.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz undertook a market investigation on TikTok, and the outcome was up to the task: overall brand preference grew by 15.7%!

As you have likely realized, if you want to display your business to generations Y and Z, TikTok has emerged as THEE crucial social network where you must debut immediately.

Are you prepared to start producing advertising content?

Maybe even something wacky and entertaining that might go viral?

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