Belgravia Imports

Belgravia brings the finest European goods to the Americas and is one of the leading companies in doing so. Their clients include Maldon Salt which is one of the most prolific salt companies in the world for chefs, and has a warrant to be the only salt at the Royal Table of England.

Belgravia Imports is a premiere import company, primarily focusing on European goods


Retail  ⁝  Food & Beverage


Design  ⁝  Branding


After conducting extensive research on Belgravia’s brand and reviewing their portfolio, I meticulously infused their unique aesthetic into the design of their website. The final product reflects their commitment to high-quality, refined products and imports, through the use of elegant serif fonts and a regal, royal blue color scheme. This project holds a special place in my portfolio, as I am proud to have effectively conveyed Belgravia’s ethos through the design of their website.

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