Instagram Marketing in 2021 – How to Reach Markets Wisely

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Instagram is a social phenomenon, in a way the world hasn’t quite seen before. It’s changed the world and people’s interactions in such a way you could almost compare it to an NBC. But Instagram has more than a billion active users, NBC never had near a billion viewers. You also get to control a piece of your own space on this piece of media, that is exposed to a billion people. So, that dictates by the law of averages that no matter what you do, you can find your niche on Instagram. What you do after you find it, is important as well, engagement with audiences organically is the best thing you can do. We’ll discuss both those concepts here. Just keep in mind, Instagram marketing in 2021 is the fulcrum of a lot of people’s businesses nowadays. And, you can use it many different ways, you can just exist on it, viewing other people’s content, or you can delve into SPECIFIC markets, analyze trends and behaviors and record, and thus use these metrics in your own campaign to align and connect with these people, and provide them with your services or products through organic relationships.

Finding your personal niche, the key to Instagram marketing in 2021

When you use Instagram marketing in 2021, you need to first identify your niche, PERIOD. Say you sell perfume. You should look at MLM companies that sell perfume, and what hashtags they use that are indicative to perfume. IE “fragrancelover”. I did a bit of research and found this keyword has about a million followers. It also moves very fast, so it’s safe to post a lot within the keyword a day, it’s competitive. So, using this keyword for your perfume posts will always be valuable. You should do research like this on competitors and keep a notepad/txt file of it so you can just paste it in. Maybe add some on depending on the time of year, Xmas, winter, summer, ETC, just creative ideas! But you definitely want to research the best keywords for those types of things, too. It’s also a good idea to store keywords/followers in an Excel workbook, for this purpose, and to sort them by popularity.

The key to Instagram Marketing in 2021

Really, market research is the biggest key in any type of marketing, period. This includes SEO, social media, and even canvassing type campaigns, yellow pages, media buys, ETC. If you find the right people to sell to, you will, it’s an axiom of the world.  I would spend the most amount of time possible on this because it will carry you basically forever. You can do extra research at any time, but if you sit down and spend a real amount of hours archiving this info about your niche, you’ll hardly need to update it, although it’s certainly a good idea every few months.

Engage to properly market on Instagram

Increasing your engagement on Instagram is extremely, extremely important. This is basically all you can do to increase your sales beyond buying traffic, so you should definitely do it. You can like about 1000 posts a day, make sure you do it. And in markets that are relevant to someone who may be your buyer. For the same example, if you’re a perfume salesman, think of the demographic who may buy perfume, and engage on hashtags that are related to things those people like. So, look into women, maybe aged 30+, and figure out some of their interests. Then, market yourself to those commonalities you find with those people. You could even draw a flowchart for this, it’s rather simple. Find out your demographic, find out things that the demographic likes, and get into them as well. Show appreciation for those things and people in your demographic will come to respect you.

You can also utilize Instagram Ads, and the keywords you gathered in the first part of this article. Tn the Excel sheet will be very useful here, you can identify your demographics by the hashtags and incisively market into them.

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