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There are many advantages as too why use WordPress plugins. One of the foremost is the concept of modular-ization within functionality of the website.

This means that you can, theoretically, create a website, install a forum, shop, comment box, much like how you install programs on your computer, and then be able to combine them and remove them at will, without breaking your site.

This is why to use WordPress plugins.

This is just a small example of what plugins themselves can do, and how it works within the system that is your website. They are in no way limited to forms or visual rendering. They can take the form of libraries, shortcodes, frameworks or other possible conceivable implementations of WordPress functionality.

Why Use WordPress Plugins
Why Use WordPress Plugins

Why use WordPress Plugins; a Simple Hypothetical Example

WordPress plugins are very easy to create contrary to popular belief. A great reason to use WordPress plugins is the simplicity in that all you need to create a WordPress plugin is about three lines of PHP and one file. That’s really it at bare minimum – you can zip your folder and WordPress will install the plug-in as normal because once you put the proper headers to identify the script as a proper WordPress plugin, you have done successfully just that. Now the plugin that you installed has no data associated with it yet, besides the areas would you like to find like the name of the plugin.

Now, we can examine filters and action hooks and why they are so useful Within WordPress development.

Technical Reasons: Filters and Action Hooks

Filters and action hooks are simply WordPress functions. But in the WP runtime there are first functions that run at specified time. For instance, you could have a WordPress function that runs every time you load your contact page, that loads a cookie for those visitors. This is but one example but you can literally do whatever you would like with WordPress plugins as long as you have the proper creativity and coding acumen.

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