What is WordPress & Why use WordPress instead of Turnkey Services?

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What is WordPress & why use WordPress instead of Weebly, Wix, VistaPrint and other Turnkey Services?

It’s hard to define exactly “What is WordPress” because it’s a collection of scripts, kind of like Windows is, but WordPress runs on a server. A lot of ‘one shot’ solutions are heavily promoted today for small business websites and marketing in 2017. It’s hard to turn on the TV, go on Facebook, or even Gmail without being told you can make a website for $1! This is like saying you can buy a house for a dollar if someone gives you blueprints.

What is WordPress as a alternative to proprietary cash cows milking you?

These companies use slick marketing tactics to coax people (VistaPrint in particular has a terrible promotion where you get a website & domain for free, but they own your domain!) that they can get fully fledged websites for $1 or free or for $50 a month.
This is possible, but it requires a lot of diligence on your part, not because of a turnkey site. The biggest issue with these kinds of services is they usually cost as much as a real website, and they don’t allow you to do anything outside of their proprietary software. A good analogy here would be trying to buy paper to draw on and someone gives you a coloring book. To start a new WordPress site on a opensource server that is completely in your control through HostGator, and bought through GoDaddy can be as little as $1.99. This is of course just the framework to build a website, but with properly educating yourself you can build your own website for cheap! The companies who sell turnkey ‘custom designed’ websites are interested in designing software that they can spend as little money as possible on, and make the most. For instance Yahoo’s control panel hasn’t been updated in TEN YEARS!
GoDaddy just upgraded this year from the same design they had since 2006. These sites and companies are not good designers, don’t mistake them for such!
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