Web Marketing Strategy Mistakes | Plus Solutions to Fix Them!

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Whether you’re launching a new website or have been on the web for years—or anywhere in between—taking a clean and clear look at how your website stands, and how it’s positioned in the online marketing world will help you avoid web marketing strategy mistakes to look out for in 2012. These guidelines are perfect for helping beginners or experts alike make sure they have all their bases covered in their web marketing strategy. Some of these web marketing strategy solutions can turn any dull or traffic-lacking website into an appealing, lead-generating, money-making website.

Top Web Marketing Strategy Mistakes – Plus Solutions For A Perfect Web Marketing Plan

These guidelines for a perfect online marketing plan are aimed at exploring web marketing strategy mistakes and solutions for strategies aimed at small business owners, new businesses, or anybody using websites to get a message across. We care about helping and providing relevant information for local businesses, new businesses, and new webmasters, which is why we have decided to offer solutions to these problems that can get any outdated small business or new website owner started on the right track towards a successful web marketing strategy or website plan.

Web Marketing Strategy Mistake #1: No Clear Plan!

Just like setting up social profiles and letting them sit will show your company in a negative light, setting up a website with no objective behind it isn’t going to help you at all—in fact it may hurt your web marketing strategy a lot. Just because you are a business owner, no matter how small or how new, doesn’t mean you need to take the backseat to your competitors. Your branding can go just as far, so just go further! Solutions: First, decide what purpose your website serves. Is it to drive targeted traffic to make sales? To read your blog? Is it to rank highly in search engines? Will you use e-commerce? Are you a local business? Second, take a look at competitors’ websites and evaluate how you stack up. Some ideas: make an active blog, offer valuable information to your visitors, offer incentives for promotional offers or even feedback.

Web Marketing Strategy Mistake #2: Choosing The Wrong Domain Name

You should put much consideration into choosing a perfect domain name for your company. This is actually one of the worst web marketing strategy mistakes to make. Did you know that your domain name even has some weight in effecting your search engine ranking? Having too long of a domain, like bobscarpetcleaningdeluxecolorodosprings.com, is going to turn off an searcher from clicking on your website in search engines. It will also be virtually impossible for a customer to remember. Solutions: Brainstorm for domain name ideas that are catchy and relevant to your business. Perhaps you may just want to stick with your company’s name (if it’s too long think of ways to shorten it down).  However—it is extremely important to note—that if you’re attempting to search engine optimize your website, take your main targeted keyword for your site and make it your domain name.

Mistake #3: Your Design Sucks

The equation is simple: bad design leads to people “bouncing” from your site. High bounce rates means you have an ineffective web marketing strategy. You must grab your visitors attention! The design of your website can be less-than-appealing for a few reasons. To make sure your website’s design is on par with competitors, here are 3 solutions for bringing your website’s design from wacky to web 2.0. Solution 1: Hire a professional. Whether you are contracting someone to maintain your design, or just get your website started and set up, having a professional, modern look with take your website far.
Solution 2: Add pictures. Don’t copyright infringe though. It’s easy to just browse the internet and re-use other pictures and videos, but you should always first get permission from the picture’s original owner or creator. If not you can always purchase stock photo packages. Especially if you have a blog, pictures will engage your visitors.
Solutions 3: Easily managing your website is made super simple when you use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. You will be able to edit the design with templates yourself and update your content in a straightforward way. If you want more personal help on creating a website or a web marketing strategy, contact us for a consultation.

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