The Best/Most Useful WordPress Plugins 2019

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WordPress has grown to be used multi-purposely for all assortments of projects, organizations, and businesses alike. A fantastic platform for not just bloggers—but all kinds of people—to share information and valuable knowledge easily. With the emerging popularity, came a larger market for creating high-quality WordPress themes and plugins for letting users work seamlessly with the platform.

Some free and some purchasable, there are tons of great WordPress plugins that will help you increase the ease of use on your blog and website.

The platform itself is of course free, and WordPress is not only known for its user-friendliness. It being a great example of an open-source community, but it has extensive features and plugins for customizing the most impressive and manageable websites. Whether free or paid (most are free!). These plugins are worth checking out for their flawless ability to plug you in to convenience.

The best WordPress Plugins That Will Save You Time

  • Nearly everyone uses Visual Composer, and for good reason it’s insanely intuitive for all versions of WordPress and they don’t seem like they’re going to change, people love consistency, and we love VC.
  • Askimet– Even plugins this awesome come loaded with WordPress! But Askimet  still deserves the spotlight for a moment. This cool WordPress plugin will save you an incredible amount of time, filtering spam out of your blogs’ comments so you don’t have to sift through them yourself.

The best WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your Traffic

  • Google XML Sitemaps – If you plan on using Search Engine Optimization for bringing traffic to your blog, this plugin is a must. Even if you’re not actively employing strategies for Search Engine Marketing (you should), but you most definitely can still maintain SEO best practices including one this easy and still rewarding. A must-have, really, Google XML Sitemaps help search engines index your content much, much faster.
  • Sharebar  – If you ask me, Sharebar is at the top of the list of cool WordPress plugins that will bring traffic to your blog or site. Seems quite a few people share my opinion too. Having a floating side-bar-assigned sharing plugin has become quite popular across many blogs.  Having one set-up noticeably shows you an increase in traffic. It’s simple. More people are not only able, but pretty darned welcomed, to share or bookmark your blog posts. All you need to do is create content that’s worth sharing.


  • LocoTranslate is insane for it’s ability to translte on the fly, which is amazing for traffic, increasign your website’s reach to be global rather than nationalistic. Locotranslate works through Javascript to translate “on the fly” in the browser.

Cool WordPress Plugins That Will Help Your SEO

  • For SEO, nothing comes close to Yoast. They’ve figured it out, and it’s a perfect guideline tool for using SEO. It’s NOT a magic SEO button for your website. Rather, it is a intensely powerful suite that factors in everything from Google guidelines to Grammar to help you get better traffic. It also can manage your Sitemaps for you, your Meta Titles, Meta Description, ETC. It’s kind of the one stop shop nowadays for onsite SEO in WordPress.


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