I offer non-tangible irrevocable goods and services. Refunds are not issued once the contract is signed and the product is sent or service has been rendered. Once a payment is made, I do not provide refunds. If a project is canceled or postponed the terms of our contract are still in place and agreed upon funds are due.

All marketing/development projects I agree to work on require clearly worded terms in a contract to begin. The marketing/development contract clearly defines what we have agreed upon to be built, when it will be completed and the terms of payment. Both you and I sign the contract that we BOTH agree to honor the terms. If you change the scope of the project, an addendum will be written up that we both sign and agree to the new terms.
All web development projects require a deposit to begin work. The amount of the deposit, any milestones and final payment are defined in the contract. Any payment made is non refundable.

The reason being, once we agree on a contract and terms, I have committed time in my schedule to dedicate to your project and am declining other work that I could be taking on.

Please expect to deliver the required images and content on time so I can meet the deadline we agreed to. When I deliver the code to be reviewed and tested, I expect you to review the website for bugs and functionality and provide feedback to me in a timely manner.
All software written is custom coded. By nature, code may have bugs in it. If something does not work properly, this does not entitle you a refund for the full project. I will simply fix the bug.

I only work in a positive and professional manner, and expect the same from my clients. If something is not right, I need the issue to be communicated to me clearly and I will work with you to come to a resolution. This includes bug fixes from functionality defined in the project scope and signed contract.

The client changing the scope of the project part way through in no way means that I am not meeting the project requirements if we have both not agreed to the changes. Adding new work during the project and making changes require an addendum and additional costs.

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