A seminal San Francisco rock band formed in the 1970s, over the next four decades they continued to record and perform their truly unique original material, brimming with vitality, originality, and musical audacity.

Discovered by David Crosby, RJFOX became a part of the early 70s San Francisco rock scene performing with the Grateful Dead, Doobie Brothers, Aretha Franklin, and many other luminary artists of that period.


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Capturing the essence of RJFOX and their personal, classic rock sound — “the best band you never heard” according to Crosby — was the guiding force in creating this website, showcasing their place in the vibrant, eclectic, and revolutionary rock scene and cultural atmosphere of 1970s California. The design travels you through the stars with their signature style backgrounds, and takes you on an even more incredible journey through the stars of RJFOX. Created with archives of videos, photo galleries, easy music links, and even new music projects from band members, fans alike can continue to enjoy the ride into a treasured musical era.

The inspired, groundbreaking, and complete collection of RJFOX music is now available at www.rjfox.net.

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