A forward-thinking renewable energy company, GasTechno holds many exclusive patents to technology to change the world with their gas-to-liquid solutions. With a carbon footprint in the negative, surpassing Tesla, it was an honor to bring their digital showcase to life.

Futuristic Design for Futuristic Technology


Renewable Energy ⁝ Engineering


Web Development ⁝ Design


Designing a website for a renewable energy company was a unique opportunity for me as a web designer. I wanted to create a design that was both modern and forward-thinking, while still maintaining a subtle futuristic aesthetic. To achieve this, I utilized a sleek and minimalistic design approach, incorporating clean lines and a color palette of earthy greens, blues and grays, to reflect the company’s focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. The design also incorporates modern typography, and a clean and intuitive layout, to create a professional yet approachable online representation of the company, that effectively showcases their dedication to renewable energy and the future of technology.

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