Clean Coffee Co.

Clean Coffee is a brand that is actually what it says it is — CLEAN coffee, as in without any impurities, toxins and unnecessary agrichemicals. Toxin-free isn’t the only thing it boosts, but meets a higher standard through low-acidity, high antioxidant levels and a strong natural taste. I’ve tried it myself and the acidity levels felt more like water than coffee! 

  • Logo & Branding Design
  • Website Development
  • Packaging Design

With 4 Points of Purity, the natural, high-quality standard of Clean Coffee was captured to shine through all branding.

In kind with the high standard of this coffee company, I designed the entire branding for the company and product, from the original concept logo, the packaging, and the website. The idea comes from the inception of coffee, by the legend of Kaldi and the goats in Ethiopia.


Clean Coffee Co


Food, Gourmet


Web Development, Graphic Design, Branding

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