Clean Coffee Co

With 4 Points of Purity, the natural, high-quality standard of Clean Coffee was captured to shine through all branding.

Toxin free, extremely pure and ethical coffee


Retail  ⁝  Food & Beverage


Design  ⁝  Branding


My approach for the branding of this coffee company was to capture the essence of the origin of coffee and its rich history. I drew inspiration from the legend of Kaldi and the goats in Ethiopia, where coffee was first discovered. The concept logo, packaging, and website all reflect this inspiration and embody the high standard of the company. The logo features a stylized image of a goat, a nod to the story of Kaldi, while the packaging and website use warm, earthy tones and natural textures to evoke the feeling of the Ethiopian coffee farms. The end result is a cohesive and visually stunning branding that truly captures the spirit of the company and its product.

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