Bennet Group

Hawaii’s superlative communications & public relations firm, located in Honolulu, their clients include Blackstone, the State Department of Hawaii and much more. Their website presents their islandic roots and conveys the strength of their strategic communications across the islands and beyond.

Bennet Group


Communications : PR


Website Development & Design


I worked closely with Bennet Group’s team to create a website that effectively communicates their brand and services as a PR firm. To ensure that the website design met their expectations, I utilized a design process that involved creating an exact graphic mockup, which served as a visual guide for the development and design of the website. This approach allowed for clear communication and a high level of precision in the final outcome. The resulting website is a sleek and professional representation of the PR firm, with clear calls to action and intuitive navigation, making it easy for potential clients to explore their services and get in touch with the team.

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