How to Use Your Site for Marketing CSS3

CSS3 marketing is an ever evolving format to denote how we design the web,. It can easily be considered the “legos” of the internet. You build blocks, on top of other blocks, which contain text, forms, or any other certain thing you might want. The technology behind CSS3 marketing gets more and more impressive every day, as people figure out new “hacks” and fully explore this very new language! We’re currently redesigning our site, so we thought it would be a fantastic time to explore the visual side of marketing, as opposed to our usual numbers based approach. Read below for some awesome, modern tips that you can harness to make your website looking sharp.Naturally this leads to marketing and CSS3 going very hand in hand, much the way of a pencil would be useful to a marketer of before.

1. Explore Google Web Fonts. It’s all CSS3 Marketing!

Google Web Fonts is an amazing standard that is making the web smoother to read every day. Typography is so very important in design, and it shouldn’t be overlooked in any aspect. It’s swiftly becoming the new “standard” font library for the web, as it’s very easy to include into CSS. See the library here, and have fun.

2. Don’t be afraid to incorporate border radius.

It’s awesome that CSS is gaining so much capability. It’s almost like CSS is photoshop if you’re good enough in it. Here’s a little trick that will give you professional looking rounded edges on any text box you might make. Use this tool to auto generate a border of any radius for you

3. Utilize opacity options.

Opacity is an awesome yet not very highly used feature in the CSS3 toolkit thus far, you can make very modern designs with subtle accentuation of opacity in design. Changing the opacity of an element is as easy as using the tag “opacity:0-1;”(with 50% being 0.5)

Check out my opacity usage!

Of course these aren’t the only things you should think about when designing your site, but with being a business owner/web designer/marketer, the one thing you should always look to do is expand your “toolkit”, and we hope that these few concepts helped you spurn a few new ideas for how your site can look. Hope you guys enjoyed these tips.

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