How To Develop A Marketing Strategy Using Promo Products

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All small business owners have considered using promotional items—pens, mugs, t-shirts, magnets, bags, buttons, etc. (the list could go on and on!)—but not all small business owners have jumped on the promo product bandwagon. But they should know how to develop a marketing strategy!

Why You Need To Know How To Develop A Marketing Strategy For Promotional Items

If you’re looking for some spot on advice on how to develop a marketing strategy for promotional items, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. If you aren’t using promotional items, you’re missing out on a large opportunity to bring your branding to an entirely new level—but you’ve got to do things the right way.

That’s why I’m here to help.

Many small business owners are hesitant to jump into making the investment in using promotional products. To the contrary, the promotional product market is a booming, successful market for a reason. Businesses who have chosen to incorporate into their business model a marketing strategy that involves promotional items, see proven results by getting their name and brand shared and seen in a bright, fresh way—but only when things are done right.

Those who haven’t, most likely have only one major issue on their mind: What is my ROI? Will this investment benefit me? The answer is a resounding YES!—but again, only if you know how to develop a marketing strategy for promotional products that will actually yield positive results.

Here is some pretty interesting proof, coming right from consumers themselves, shown in a study conducted by PPAI, “consumers made a purchase after receiving a promotional product (20.9 percent) more often than after viewing a print ad (13.4 percent), TV commercial (7.1 percent) or online ad (4.6 percent).” Those statistics are surely proof enough, but not all promotional product strategies will be successful. Just like any marketing strategy, you must know how to develop a marketing strategy for promotional products that will be efficient and effective—not just cheap and easy.

2 Key Tips On How To Develop A Marketing Strategy For Promo Products

It’s Always Quality Over Quantity

Always using quality over quantity is the tip you will want to keep in mind most importantly when you’re deciding on or learning how to develop a marketing strategy for promo products. There’s a few reason for why quality matters most. First of all, let’s point out the obvious. If you’re going to be attending conferences, tradeshows, or the like, you’d better make sure that your product will stand out from the crowd. In these situations in where promo items are used, customized pens are not going to leave an imprint on a potential client’s mind when they’re walking away from the event with a handful of your competitors’ pens too. In any case, choosing to spend a little extra on your promotional products means with limited supply, connections or clients who receive the items will not only be left with a wonderful, top-quality impression, but chances are they will show off their special item—bringing you in even more exposure.

Make Your Product Useful

Another significant key in how to develop a marketing strategy for promo items lies in the nature of your business. Every niche or market is different, so choosing the right promotional products for your strategy will be different for every company. However, the same rule applies to all: Make it useful. Not only will your gift be able to be used or reused later down the road—leaving a lasting impact—but it was also be a great way to genuinely show interest—the best impact you can make. Period.   For promotional products fit for any occasion, contact Allegra Printing Centers for top-quality products that will fit your budget and build your brand awareness. F

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