4 Things Your Website Needs in 2019

Modern website design is an “ever-evolving” thing, but in practice, we see today how far it has come everywhere we look. Alongside technology, website design and development will always advance in direct proportion to the new moves of tech – and thus tools.

This goes the same from new paradigms on the ways in which we actually construct and code websites to the way we utilize new devices as tools for our websites.

We’ve seen the QR codes. We’ve seen the advance of tablets and iPads. We’ve increased our acuteness to brand awareness trust with websites and a transparent social media presence across the web. We’ve realized that A LOT of people shop from mobile (or use mobile while shopping/decision making). As consumers, we’ve seen the way and the swiftness at which technology has changed, so as business owners or webmasters, we are obligated to take a fine look at what the new year means for making your website up-to-date if we want to succeed.

List of 4 Things You & Your 2019 Website Need To Be Doing

Some of these things may be incredibly obvious if you’ve read articles of the past, but I’m dishing out the essentials here – this is what you need – yes, NEED! – for your website this year. These apply to nearly every industry and I picked these 4 keys reasons for that reason.

Good Navigation

I don’t want to say “simple” or “clean” necessarily covers everybody. Good navigation means that the intended visitors’ needs are met. Evaluate your navigation menu and system for your entire site, big or small, and ask: would it be easy for THEM to get what they want. This is the first thing on my list for a reason, and that’s because this is quite possibly the most important thing to keep in mind to make your visitors truly value your site the most.

Responsive Design

This one kind of ties into number 1, or at least it is a very good follow-up. What is responsive design? You can read more about it here or in short: it is making your website viewable on all device sizes. Making sure your site is navigational easily means taking into account all screen sizes and all browsers. Also, don’t get responsive design confused with what some pros or firms will label as a “mobile-friendly” website. You don’t want an entirely new and seperate website! Sometimes called “m dots” for their URL structure. They will usually be inconsistent with your design and dulled down. Instead, invest in having your website upgraded to be coded with Responsive Design in mind or make sure you start off your website’s design with it.

Blog Your Heart Out

Even if your a plumbing company. A blog is absolutely, totally, definitely, without a doubt, crucial to being a worth while website in 2014. Not having a blog shows a weakness in your effort to have a worth while website as it has become such a standard. But are you just looking to be standard? Without investing much time or effort, you can construct a great editorial calendar to control your blogging and at the same time you will be doing wonders for your site in the search engines and the social world.

Speaking of Social: Get Social, Social, Social!

Make sure your site is full of social integration. So if you don’t even have social media profiles or aren’t participating on even one platform – you’re not appearing as authoritative and personal with your audience as you could. Some things to make sure that you have on your site are not just button links to your social media accounts, but feeds to live posting from them, cool integration that shows how many followers or likes you have, and very importantly – make sure that you have social sharing icons to all platforms or the most common ones in an obvious place so that people can share your posts!

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