Why Use WordPress For Your Website?

If you’re wondering whether WordPress is a good way for you to manage your online presence – whether it be a portfolio, shop, portal, network (social or otherwise), or community – WordPress is always a viable option to manage your data in a coherent way, and ran by powerful code that turns your data into beautiful imagery.

The best part of WordPress is that it’s built off the idea of organization.

It’s at first organized to be a blog, but it has a very rich Application Programming Interface that can be extended to include Custom Post Types. With this feature, WordPress can be programmed to create and organize any type of data type, not just blog posts!

You can manage a “Menu” Section for your restaurant website as easy as you check your email online! Run a community calendar for an organization with the same amount of ease as sending a friend on Facebook. Even managing a client, customer or product database is an easy task with such a beautiful and user friendly interface. WordPress also supports something called “Plugins”.

These are extensions for your site; ‘addons’, ‘modules’, like when you put a different engine in a car, or add a decoration to it. There are many modules as the WordPress community is mostly very friendly in the effort to create clean, efficient code all across the board. Plugins can change your blog into a Makeup shop, or a social network for construction workers, the range of versatility is literally endless!

This leads people to develop stores with Wordpress, or maybe chatrooms or video sites, anything is ‘organizable’ with Wordpress and then from there easily controlled.

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