What to Consider in Search Engine Optimization

Hey everyone! Once again I’m here giving you a couple hints and helpful tips for using SEO for your business. I’d like to give you a couple more things to think about that will get you better results for your web marketing efforts.

First of all, lets think about why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what it is. Google (and the other search engines) are only an algorithm, which is essentially just a math program–or order of operations. Google’s goal is to provide you with the most relevant results related to whatever you want to find.

Things to Consider in Search Engine Optimization – Keywords

If we search for “soft drinks” on Google, the first 2 results are Wikipedia, which Google (and most other entities) consider a very relevant and informative resource. Next is Walmart, which is also an “authority” website, basically a “supersite,” which offers solutions to many different problems, services, and products. Now, Google doesn’t discern these things by magic–it has a very structured and complex way to do it, and at it’s core it is actually very simple. First off, there is what people involved in SEO call “backlinks” but really they are just links. The amount of pages linking to a site determines it’s authority. If I owned a site about soft drinks, and only 50 people around the web linked to my website, but 10,000 have linked to the Wikipedia article, which is more likely to be an “authority” resource? Of course the page with 10,000 people talking about it (linking to it).

Right now I’m linking to the page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_drink <– this is a backlink. That page now has another backlink, just because of the exact link you see in this post. Now, the backlink I just displayed is a very general link. And for one reason. It doesn’t have what we call “anchor text”. This term might confuse some of you at first, but I think you’ll find that you already know quite well what it is: This is a backlink to the same Wikipedia page, but this time with the anchor text “soft drink” –> Soft drink.

Things to Consider in Search Engine Optimization – Links

Now, if the same page has 500 backlinks to it with the term “juicy drinks”, it might start ranking on Google for “juicy drinks” because 500 people have linked to it as that, and therefore it becomes an authoritative resource for search queries made by people looking for juicy drinks. This is all a bit confusing at first, but I encourage you to reread this article. Then, try to think about SEO more logically, rather than how it is alluded to as mythical art-form, then you’ll see it’s really not that hard to understand. Ask yourself, “If I had to rank a website page, what factors would make me think of it as an authority?” and you’ll soon find out exactly what SEO is. I’ll be covering other parts of SEO in the near future, so stay tuned! If anyone has any questions, please contact me today, I’d love to help you understand a bit more.

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