The Connection Between Content and Media: The Art Of Influencing


Many, if not most people, syndicate content all throughout the internet.

Whether it’s to Twitter, Facebook or your own website, chances are that you enjoy posting some sort of content every day online. This is the connection between content and media. This exact connection is so strong that countries entire politics are ENTIRELY controlled by this link, not just influenced.

And this correlates directly to marketing and results. Effective marketing strategies that you can implement using social media, and the content that you’ve written, and thus syndicated through media (social media), turn results for you. What you can do with this connection can be wielded however you wish to produce, and on what scale, to whom. With marketing research and effort behind you, you can place yourself one step further on the road to results. Having a direction, aim or goal behind your effort is a natural backbone of this.

This concept can be very abstract for people to grasp, but in short:

more content + more syndication = more popularity.

This equation is ALWAYS good, at every level!

You can surely outrank major corporations with good, solid keyword research and authority-based actions. Good backlinks and informative, shared content win in the ranks of search engines, even if you’re the smallest fish in the pond. That’s without even mentioning the quality and reach you can impact on your immediate network, and inbound social media – not just your social actions fueling your search traction.

How to Use Media and Content for Business in 2019?

How can you make sure that your media and content is working for your business and actually optimized for search engines? Make sure that every single blog post that you have written on your website is posted to all social media networks. This is extremely important in syndication of your contacts on your private blog. This allows you to essentially have carbon copies of your website that count toward SEO on the internet. Doubling, tripling and even quadrupling your influence, by having more content circulating on the web. Currently, the best social media and platforms for sharing include primarily Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and any niche sites that have to do with your website.

What is Social Media Proof?

You can see how having many references from the highest ranking websites on the entire internet in turn would make your domain and web pages boost in authority if you pull it off correctly. This is sometimes called “social proof.”

This establishes a very real connection between you and the most authoritative places on the internet. This is how you can take advantage of the connection between social media and content.

By posting about your thoughts and the things that happen throughout the day, you yourself gain traction as an entity – a node – within Google’s search algorithm. You become an influencer because you act like one. This is a bit of psychology 101; Manifest your own destiny in your head and it will come to pass. This is even truer when you have exact control over every facet of your image on the net. If you’re into music, talk about your favorite band. Write as many descriptive words as you can for describing how it makes you feel. This is what search engines want, and will rate you accordingly across many readability, quality and authority aspects – because things like smaller bands don’t have a lot of people talking about them, so if you have an article on a smaller niche, you will become the link between the media (small niche, say a small band) and the content.

Connection Between Media and Influence

How do you connect content you’ve just made to media? I’ve heard a quote – that once you have a good idea, you’re about 5% of the way towards making money. You need to decide how to market and convince people that your idea is the one, possibly even more so if it’s a very nuanced idea. In this, marketing is a huge part of your idea to begin with. Creating content that is also engaging matters how and why you link and create what you do share and create, and your methodology should also include attention to shaping media and content that is easy to read and easy to share, because your media should continue to work and generate true value by being crafted with attention to quality for its intended audience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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