Technology and How its Change Affects The World & Marketing in 2019

Technology is always on the rise, and for the internet, that means new tools and new forms of communication. Technological advancement and the increase of the power of the web is something no small business owner should be turning their head away from. On the contrary, many small business owners are becoming more and more acclimated with ways they can be marketing their business on the web.
Having a presence on the web is becoming increasingly essential as a marketing tool for small business owners. Not only employing online marketing strategies and tactics to generate leads and bring in more sales. Being on the web as a small business owner has many other advantages.
One of those advantages is a company’s ability to improve the quality of their customer service. The web has transformed customer relationships into much more of a not only efficient and effective process with customer services, but social media has brought client interaction to a much more personal level. Users and customers are now seeking out to see in the businesses they patronize and interact with. Real-time support, personal interaction, and multiple ways of getting into contact. Embracing not just the web and having a website. But, embracing all the new technologies that come with it and adapting to new ways to communicate with customers. This will put you one step ahead of your competitors and one step closer to better customer relationships.

Top 3 Ways to Improve Customer Service Using the Web

1. Twitter – With the communication power that has been made possible through social media. Many small businesses (and other companies alike) have sought out new ways to engage with their clients, addressing problems and making solutions, and ultimately of course —building up their branding. Twitter can do wonders for transforming a brand image and streamlining customer service. Because Twitter itself is notably a lightning-fast social media platform, getting customer feedback and replying to customer needs is also lightning-fast. With Twitter, you are able to resolve problems quickly, improve branding quickly, get your staff involved, and all for less time and money. Just remember to stay on top of things, stay engaged, and make speedy replies.
2. Click to Call. This option is incredibly easy as long as you have a microphone hooked up to your computer. Services like VoIP phone, Skype, and Google Voice, make it easy for your customers as well. All they have to do is make an easy “Call Me” click and instantly be connected to staff support. Customer service this way subtracts the need for customers to dial any numbers. They are automatically connected for easy customer service for you. Some of these services are also free, which can be a huge convenience for customers who either don’t have a phone or who don’t want to use minutes on their phones.
3. Online Chat – Using this customer service method serves multiple purposes. Having chat functionality allows site visitors to instantly connect with you. Whether they are an existing customer with a simple inquiry or they are a prospective customer whose salesmen can make real-time assistance with clients purchasing online. This is a quick alternative to having sales representatives over the telephone. It’s very easy to also easily add other information to the conversation like informing customers about new products and promotions.
Hopefully, these tips help you branch your web ideas out, not from just websites, but to marketing across all platforms on the web!

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