Successful Social Media Campaigns in 2019

What Is The Key To Successful Social Media Campaigns?

The key to establishing successful social media campaigns in 2019 that will reap real results for your business lies in how multi-faceted social media is in of itself. As a business owner that wants to leverage the web, finding the absolute most effective marketing strategy is your priority. This means focusing your social media efforts with niche targeted sites, and targeted efforts on those sites as well as the big sites – from posts to profile content to ad content. It’s extremely necessary to make sure you’re not just throwing your efforts into random directions on social media, if you want to run successful campaigns that sees results.

While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all top social platforms that are highly beneficial for any brand or company, small and large, they can be confusing to navigate exactly which part of the whole system makes sense for your type of business and thus audience, so you need to do two things here:

  • Think beyond just those 4 networks
  • Create a fine-tuned place for those 4 networks

We’ll be focusing on the 2nd today.

Fine-tuning Begins With Real Engagement: Major Key to Success

Expanding your social presence in directions specific to your market will be the most successful social media campaigns because you will be reaching your target audience. Wouldn’t the most successful social media campaigns be ones that actually help you to connect, with real people? There has always been a vast opportunity to make these real connections, and the best way to avoid failure within social media efforts, is to put in real, manual effort – whether yourself or whether it is sourced.  Now we just need to bring those two concepts together – where and how.

Don’t forget to consider the benefits of search ranking and authority by quality social media engagement.

With many more possible prospects, customers, and business partners–campaigns that drive home sales from your ideal customers are driven through the type content you share. Setting up profiles on these social networking, social bookmarking, and social media websites will allow you to not only connect with more people, sharing ideas and content, and not just thinking of these as places you can place ads.

Building momentum in these 4 networks is key for a diversified system for creating authority.

By engaging on social media at all while linking back to your website, you will be increasing the authority and range of your link profile. This is giving Google more reason to favor your website and/or blog. Spending time creating successful social media campaigns that will additionally aid in search engine placement has become more and more crucial. Google has begun to favor unique, quality content and social sharing more and more with every one of their “Panda” updates. Here you can read more general advice about how you can begin using social media for marketing your website or business. Successful social media campaigns begin with a clear focus on your target market.

Top Social Sites for Successful Social Media Campaigns

Here is an expansive list of the top social media websites. This can be of the most use for niche targeted social media marketing that will lead to success, starting with the 4 big guys first.

These sites will help you build both your search ranking authority and your branding authority simultaneously.

Social sites you need for your site to be successful:


Instagram has overtaken almost everything in terms of influence, besides maybe Twitter. Their profile back-links are insanely great for authority building, but more notably, the amount of exposure you can get when utilizing the correct market research in your time on the site – how you develop your content strategy alongside your engagement strategy. The key for Instagram is posting appealing, engaging, and responsive, quality content, period. This is always “the key” to long term success, but people like Instagram because it’s the most real, and if you have good, real content, people will soon take notice.

Twitter – Successful Social Media Campaigns

Twitter is a divisive platform, but also one that has brought many cultures and ways of thought together, in magnitudes people previously believed to be impossible.

It’s very essential to keep your Twitter active, to engage your followers/friends, as well as post regular updates/links from your website onto Twitter, for the “link juice” it provides for your SEO. Twitter and Google are very receptive to these efforts when it comes to authority, so you want as many links as you can feeding through your Twitter.

There’s a lot of room on this platform for you to creatively use links and drive active engagement in a more casual way with raw pieces of information and actual links. Feel free to let your Twitter account know every time you post a message, a blog, a new page on your website, and even posts on other socials – and do your research in hashtags. Many tools can help you with this such as Zapier.


Facebook is still a great link to obtain backlinks and the source of many links, but it’s not as powerful to drive traffic through post content. By implementing the correct strategies, this can be overcome and many promoted posts (and non-promoted) as well as Facebook ads – and their mega powerful ad system – can be harnessed for some crazy potential.

The key is having extremely professional, data-driven A/B testing for your ads, posts, engagement, graphics, copy and essentially every piece of the puzzle must be as credible, inviting, and trust building as possible to attract via this platform. But it 101% can be accomplished with much success, but far more of a gap is made between poorly optimized and well optimized plans for Facebook. Most of the people in general, who utilize Facebook, are very desensitized to “scams” as Facebook scams have been rampant since the popularity of the platform – bleeding into the arena of international current events… – now all users believe everything is a “scam” in some sense. Until proven otherwise. But professional-grade branding can take you as far as you can imagine. There’s also a lot to be said about community building through groups – all incredible ways to directly connect with your audience in a raw format, building great trust for your brand.


Pinterest is another incredibly visual platform, which can be a great tool for visually leaning businesses. Keep in mind that visuals can certainly be leveraged by both traditionally visual and also non-visual businesses.  Visual, branded content can always be created to promote your business. To create more engagement content, or to showcase video content in ways you haven’t imagined before. If you have an audience that’s suitable to Pinterest it can be just as much of a goldmine as it is to the many Pinterest users who have strong connection to the goldmines they pin. Which recent data from 2018 supports there’s about 250 million active users on Pinterest with 93% of active Pinners claiming they use the platform to plan for purchases; 87% saying they’ve purchased directly because of Pinterest.

Sharing visual content related to your business can give your audience a really cool resource from your business.  All leading back to you if properly optimized in your profile and/or posts. You can also run ads & promoted content, leverage big time as eCommerce and if you’re audience is women, Pinterest is where it is at – 93% of all pins come from female demographic. That is no coincidence that eCommerce is driving serious traffic from Pinterest for years.


Just like other social platforms, LinkedIn has its own place in the mix – there’s still TONS of diversity – but LinkedIn is huge for B2B, though not limited to that. That’s incredible networking potential for everyone, everywhere on LinkedIn. It’s a slower pace, longer reads, and sharing more valuable content, and information, so directly. The beauty of all social media is this.  The ability to open doors so directly is what makes LinkedIn so valuable. Building lasting trust, active credibility, and firm direction in your current purpose. From article sharing and deepening the seeds and strength of your content, to growth strategy through messaging, engagement, recommendations, and referrals.

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