Sound Advice for Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

Most small business owners have by now figured out that using social media for marketing their company is an integral facet to their marketing endeavors. Not all small business owners have figured out exactly what are the most efficient and most effective ways to handle their social media marketing. Handling your social media efficiently, you can

Is Outsourcing Social Media Marketing a Good Idea?

Whether you are a small-medium sized business owner, a solo entrepreneur, corporation or startup –  looking to take a new leap into the social media world – whether you’re completely clueless and just getting started out, your size, mission and motives, budget and team size, will also play a role in your options to strategize.

If you’re trying to cue up new strategies or expand your existing efforts, you’re probably first asking yourself one important question: Should my company be handling things ourselves or should I be outsourcing social media marketing?

Depending on your business model, a mixture of both can make an ideal model for marketing. Using social media for marketing requires a large amount of effort and commitment from your company to be executed successfully, outright. Outsourcing social media marketing presents the benefit of reducing the amount of time and effort you or your staff will need to put forth. Without outsourcing, the time and resources that are essential to making your social media marketing worth it, will all depend on you and your staff. This is why social media marketing is often so over-looked, because simply, many small businesses either have too few employees to even incorporate it into their business model, or even when they do have staff available, there just isn’t enough time in the day to handle all of the necessary social media responsibilities in addition to completing the tasks staff members were hired to do. That doesn’t mean that completely outsourcing social media marketing will be the most beneficial. Social media strategies that are effective and successful must be at least partially handled by the company itself. The key to social media marketing is authentic interaction and personally connecting with your audience and customers. So, you might now be asking yourself: what is the solution to making the mixture of both works? How should I be outsourcing, to who, and with what tactics and goals in mind?

Professional Planning: The #1 Reason for Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

The best way for a small business to get a firm grip on their social media is to first start by outsourcing your social media marketing strategy planning to an agency or an experienced professional. Especially if you are new to the game, having an online marketing company or consultant develop a strategy to fit the needs of your company will save you immense amounts of time and resources. Every company is different, and with a wide array of social media platforms that any one company could endeavor on, an expert will know which projects and tactics are your best fit and save you time. Talk to the experts–they’re experts for a reason, and even if it’s just laying the groundwork for your social strategy, they will get you started on the right track–an unlikely outcome if you simply put a staff member in charge of initiating and managing your campaign. While it is a great idea to have employees with expertise about your business generating content for your blog and creating updates on social networks and platforms, like Facebook and Twitter–beyond that your staff member is probably not an expert at targeting audiences, getting traffic, measuring effectiveness, sending large quantities of press releases, accessing  tools, and networking on a broad scale–all wrapped up at once. By outsourcing social media marketing to a professional you will be able to create, execute, manage, measure, and expand upon, tangible goals. If you are outsourcing social media marketing for your company, two of the major tasks that can be most easily handled by a social media agency with expertise: Outsourcing Social Media Networking – Setting up profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!) that are actually relevant to your niche and where you will find desirable customers and prospects. Making updates, posts, interacting and sharing links. Building the brand image up by maintaining the profiles’ relevance, authority, and attention-grabbing. Outsourcing Social Media – Social media is an integral part of a serious social media marketing campaign, as well as any search engine marketing campaign. Outsourcing social media with an agency will get your links and content promoted at a speedy rate and of course, submitted to the right social news sites and bookmarking sites for your specific niche, audience, and individual needs.   For more information about outsourcing your social media marketing, contact here for a consultation.

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