Social Presence in 2019: Influence Moving forward and Right Now

As everyone knows, social presence in 2019 for your business is pretty much required. However, what people do not know is what they must do in order to get the desired results.

Are you doing too much or too little? It’s hard to know, but it’s easy to figure out. With a bit of logic and data-rich systems applied between your social presence and your website itself, it becomes natural to understand how to make your presence work hand in hand with your data and your system – your complete web presence.

A social presence in 2019 for your business not only offers you immediate traffic in the form of hits to your website from the social media posts itself, but, each social media posts is on a social network, which is indexed by Google. All of the links that you include on social profile posts turn into social signals. This is a bit of a buzzword, but it is very real. Usually, signals are real and Google takes them as such.

How much of a social presence in 2019 do I need for my business?

Basically, if you are a small business / brick and mortar business, your net reach or service area is smaller geographically. Your ideal posting to be within the realm of Facebook. People within your community use Facebook all the time and build enormous amounts of trust. Talking about your product within a community forum on Facebook if you are a popular within a community, is a quick way for people to follow you, since they aligned with you on a geographic level, this is a tribal mentality and can be broken down psychologically, but nevertheless, they can be a very solid base of audience. Similar to people being loyal to sports teams, your brand can apply to people’s local identity. Having a presence at all is the most vital, but there are plenty of specific social networks that may best suit your business or your audience. As a small local business, other good social networks to reach your audience on include Instagram and Twitter. Even if it’s random stuff or retweets that you like, if you have a balance of your own content all the best – just make sure that you have your URL in your bio link so you get “link juice!” for your social presence. From a search engine authority perspective and branding perspective, any small (or large!) amount is better than none!

How often can I post?

For the aforementioned small business, that all just depends on how much activity you prefer to share with your audience. 1 to 3 times per day is a very standard average, though it is perfectly okay to miss days. Keep your feeds of content flowing in a smooth manner, so that the content reads well whatever it may be, and your audience will have the opportunity to connect with you – social involves lots of scrolling though. The fresher you are the better though! Twitter, however, I has a much higher threshold and you should not seek to even find out what it is, but Twitter is driven by much smaller bits of information and links, and a faster paced environment, which allows for more casual and rapid posting of both accord.

Are people’s social profiles inflated to make  higher social presence standing?

Social presence is a highly controversial topic in 2019. It can be useful to your business as it is basically a competition to see who gets noticed the most.  If you are willing to spend the money on these platforms you can have as many and as much voice you like with natural effort. However, sometimes people do choose more unnatural methods. This can and did extend to elections across the world, as social media evolved quicker than most people could realize. This is how fast your business can evolve ahead of the curve, as well.

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