Social Media Explained: The Social Media Dictionary [For Dummies]

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Social Media Explained: The Social Media Dictionary

Social Media explained by Wikipedia:

Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.  … Social media is media for social interaction as a superset beyond social communication. Enabled by ubiquitously accessible and scalable communication techniques, social media has substantially changed the way organizations, communities, and individuals communicate.”

However—having social media explained in one mere definition isn’t going to do you too much good if you’re a business owner trying to have social media explained explicitly to promote and progress your company. The web of today’s world is one that is ever-changing and evolving—and at a swift rate! Social media is one big buzz word that nearly everybody has at least heard of, whether in business while reading a white paper, or in your personal life, when your kids are constantly checking their Facebook or sending tweets while at the dinner table. Maybe you don’t even know what a tweet is! But this is why we have brought your blessing—Social Media Explained: The Social Media Marketing Dictionary. We’re going to equip you with all the knowledge, tools, skills, terms, and explanations that will get you started in using Social Media Marketing for your business on the right foot if you are a novice to this crazy world of sharing, blogging, liking, tweeting, linking, and +1-ing! Social media explained through these lenses will give you as a small business owner a quick, clear, and concise look at what is most important in social media. We want to start you on the right pace for this speedily evolving world of social soirée.

Social Media Explained: The Social Media Marketing Dictionary

A Authenticity (n): The quality of being authentic; appearing genuinely engaged with and interested in the wants and needs of and the interactions between your audiences.   B Bookmarking (v): See Social Bookmarking.   C Circles (n): Categorized groups of friends on Google+.   D Delicious (n): A major online social bookmarking website.   E E-book (n): An electronic version of a book in PDF format.   F Friends (n): Not necessarily your best pals, but people who you connect and share with over social platforms.   G Google+ (n): Google’s social networking site.   H Hangout (n): A Google+ feature that allows users to “hangout,” or video chat together with numerous people at the same time. Hashtag, or # (n): A tag that accompanies a tweet on Twitter to annotate or summarize.   I Inbound Marketing (n): Consensual marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Blogging that don’t intrude on the audience, rather, are found by the audience or help inform the audience.   J Joomla (n): A popular Content Management System (CMS), which is a platform that allows users to build websites and other web applications.   K Klout (n): A website that allows you to connect to all of your social platforms and measure your influence.   L Like (n): An action made by Facebook users to approve of or agree with a statement, rather than leaving a comment on the picture, status, comment, invite, page, etc.   M Mashup (n): A new piece of media created from several other combined sources.     N News Feed (n): A feed on a social platform that shows updates or a timeline of things happening on the site.   O Observe (v): To participate wholly in social media marketing by scoping your competition and also listening to customers wants and needs.   P Page Rank (adj): Authority given to a website from Google.   Q Quality (adj): To provide content worth sharing.   R Retweet, or RT (v): When a user literally re-tweets another users’ tweet.   S Social Bookmarking (v): A way to organize, share, and bookmark favorite web pages so you can retrieve them later from another computer. Social Bookmarking takes place on Social Bookmarking Sites like Delicious or Reddit. Social Media (n): The content or media that is shared on social platforms. Social Networking (v): Participating on social platforms.   T Tweet (n): Updates made on Twitter, which are short 140-character posts.   U URL (n): The address of a website.   V Viral (adj): To become popular very quickly.   W Web 2.0 (n): The second generation of the web, which has a focus on sharing and social media.   Y Yelp (n): A social networking and local searching website that allows users to interact with and review local businesses.   Z Zing (n): What you need to spice up your Social Media and just have fun!

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