SEO 2012: Post Penguin Update SEO

SEO: Post-Penguin

SEO has changed very fundamentally in the past few weeks (namely April 24th and April 19th), with the advent of the newest version of Panda, and the to some, insidious new creature themed update: Penguin. Panda has had SEOs running for the hills since it’s inception near 2 years ago, and it’s really no wonder why. Many of the top sites before the Google Panda update were the result of a very sketchy techniques, for example, Auto Blogging, which is essentially grabbing content automatically from some aggregative source such as Youtube, Yahoo News, ETC. Panda essentially made it so that it forced web masters to use only completely original content on their website if they wish to rank. The key is to not spam. Now, the Penguin update. So many SEOs concentrate on building links, no matter what they are, for the exact target keyword they want, with very shoddily “spun” content. People have been saying this for quite awhile, but it’s better to have a steady stream of links, from varying calibers of value, rather than “blasting” artificial high quality links. People’s Marketing, and none of it’s clients, nor side ventures, have ever had a problem with either of these updates. We focus our SEO campaigns on the most organic, relevant basis possible, in a way that is essentially impossible to be depenalized. The bottom line is, spam is out, and relevant, helpful content, that’s not artificially backlinked is in. Contact us today to find out how we can rank you higher, what terms your business SHOULD be ranking for in terms of maximum profit for your target market. We now offer free customized, detailed reports and analyses, so please click the link below and fill out our short form to find out more about the targeted internet traffic (and every marketer worth his salt knows that traffic=money, as much as any other businessman knows that time equates to the same) that you’re missing out on every day. [modal name=”Free market research offer”]Get A Free Market Report[/modal]  

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