New Marketing Strategies for a New Year | Trends for 2012

What New Marketing Strategies Will Be Making Their Mark in 2012?

Well, let’s first think of the new marketing strategies that we will be seeing on the rise and not view them as completely newborn stratagem–but rather, the marketing trends and strategies that will flourish this year will be fresh and innovative pioneers made upon what we saw working in 2011.

We’ve seen a lot of new emergence in 2011—from the mobile and tech industry to advances in search marketing and social media marketing and networking that have given businesses of all kinds new opportunities to see just what works. We decided to take a look at the full spectrum and isolate what we think will be the brightest shining trends on the rise for 2012, and of course, just how you should be handling and utilizing these new marketing strategies as a small or local business.

New Marketing Strategies | Local Lookout

Geo is a Go For Google. From 2010 to 2011, thousands of local businesses joined the network of businesses recognizing Google Places as a significant part of their online image. Not only did Google Places’ small business signups skyrocket, but the amount of people making geo-targeted search queries continued to increase. One thing is for sure—Google’s love for local business is only going to continue to rise . It’s clear that Google is increasing the amount of attention and authority given to local and small businessesgenuine content and interaction, and very notably, businesses who understand the importance of social integration. New marketing strategies for creating strong local marketing campaigns will focus on integrating the new tools Google has given us to wield search placement success—like Google Places, Google+ Business Pages, the +1 feature, and Google’s newest release—Search Plus Your World, their own integration of showing personal results of content shared by your Circles and friends when users are logged into Google+. Local business should leverage by increasing their social stature with social networking and bookmarking expansion, geo-targeting content (if you aren’t already!), and making the social hubs Google has thrown our way, new marketing strategies that boost, progress, and generate genuinely interested local traffic.

How To Use These New Marketing Strategies? | Get These Bases Covered!

To make things easy, here are the new marketing strategies that will help your small business online marketing efforts go from mediocre to miraculous! Use this as a checklist or guide. Don’t fall behind your competitors–start integrating these elements into your campaigns early this year (if you haven’t already)!
1. Completely optimize your Google Places Listing, including as much information as possible, targeting keywords, encouraging reviews (online and offline), and offering coupons and deals. Almost all geo-targeted keywords for small businesses (i.e. “pizza in Chicago”) show Google Places Map results.
2. Join Google+! For some excellent information on getting started on G+, these pros offer some amazing tips. Building Circles with this social network will allow your shared posts and content to show as results for your followers, mixed right in with Google’s other natural listings.
3. Don’t just stop at Google+ if you’re falling behind in your social expansion, because social interaction and integration is becoming more and more important to Google for search engine ranking and authority. Joining niche social platforms that are directly related to your market will not only directly connect you with the best audience possible, you’ll also be racking up your authority and relevancy by participating on already authoritative sites.
4. Ubiquitous gadgets like smartphones and tablets have been a huge empowerment for quick social interaction and sharing–a blessing for local businesses. They have significantly changed the way users can easily and swiftly connect with business through an array of ways–from local search to SMS marketing to check-ins. If you’ve haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, now is the time. Here are some other great mobile ideas and tactics for new marketing strategies for location-based industries.

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