Modern Websites: Do You Have One?

A lot of businesses and enterprises in general neglect their website, either due to pure negligence or perhaps they think their customers enjoy the “old/classic” feel, and while that’s all well and good, there’s many things to take into account for every website owner in the year 2013.

1. Is your website easily manageable?

Is it possible for you to make easy changes to pages of your website, like the size of a picture, or text of an article? Over time, changes in the web have made it much more simple for the average user. Whether you’re reading or authoring a webpage, the web is now tailored to people who do not have a tech background! We offer solutions that are amazingly easy to customize, whether it’s page content, font size, colors, anything, you can do it all in the palm of your hand with a Content Management System like Wordpress.

2. Is your website viewable on all devices (Phones, iPads, iPods, etc.)

For many, many website owners this is a unfortunate situation. The rise in alternative technology to access websites has only became status quo within the past 1-2 years, thusly the VAST majority of websites built in the 20 years before this are not equipped to deal with the odd sized dimensions of a phone or tablet. All our websites take into account any kind of device, and are tested vigorously in various environments before anything is made live.

3. Does Google “love” your website?

Do you give Google reasons to love your website? Do you regularly update your site with content, in a structured taxonomical form? If not, you may try to reconsider how your file system is structured. Of course, a website is just a collection of files, and with all files, the more organized the file SYSTEM is, the easier that files are found read and retrieved. Google knows this. So thusly, when you organize your website properly, with Meta Tags, tags, or just semantically related words in your content, Google knows to an extent what your site is about. Another awesome way to get Google to love your site is utilizing social media. If your social media accounts are linked to your website, and you frequently update your social media accounts, it makes you seem very alive and relevant to Google.

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