Interactive Marketing Online: Think Outside The Screen

Interactive Marketing Online: What’s Stopping You?

Interactive Marketing involves not just conversation, but connecting with your audience. When building relationships and networking with your prospective clients, customers, and partners, you must nurture the perception of your company with both clarity and consideration. You must go beyond the ordinary and always towards the compelling.

It is especially important to do so in the online sector of advertising, as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the options available to them, as well as shying away from marketing when it is bombarding and uninvited. So how can you ‘invite’ customers to accept, engage, and interact?

Interactive Marketing: Thinking About Who is Behind The Screen!

  • Plan for People. In order to grab the initial attention that will drive your interactive marketing efforts, you must first do one thing: put more time into your planning. In the Classic Marketing Mix, there is a fifth ‘P’ which needs to be taken into account—People. You will be largely unsuccessful in today’s marketing age if you are not making your efforts customer-centric. This doesn’t mean taking better guesses at what you think your customers want. No. You must take greater lengths to figure out what your customers truly want from your business. You will be surprised by the amount of feedback you will get when you open your doors up to customer opinions. Try performing better target market research, making customer polls, and creating surveys. This kind of interactive marketing will help you build rapport that shows you care, while also increasing the effectiveness of your marketing overall.

Interactive Marketing on Social Media platforms

  • Leverage Social Media correctly. Social Media isn’t just another place for impersonally promoting your products and services. Social Media illustrates very well the shift that is happening within advertising, as interactive marketing is becoming more and more necessary to compete. In using Social Media, the way to engage and gain traction relies on your creativity, innovation, and sharability. Use open-ended questions that will allow customers to converse. When sharing your own content and media, make your post worthy of being shared. Always use the 80/20 rule of thumb, scarcely sharing your own content. The content in between your posts doesn’t even always need to be strictly relevant. But just needs to be interesting, useful, funny, or innovative. Simply share what you know your audience will enjoy.
  • Provide value in the form of information. One of the best practices for creating helpful yet engaging marketing campaigns is to create and distribute informational articles and posts that will teach and inform. Creating how-to’s will not stray away your customer sales. It will do the opposite. By showing your customers relevant tips or creative ideas for utilizing your products or services. They will appreciate you and value you. The key to informational interactive marketing: Don’t give away your secret sauce, but rather, show your customers how to preserve leftovers best or how to pick the right side dish.

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