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When thinking about ways to increase visibility online you must think about a myriad of factors. The best way to increase your visibility online is easy to get in touch with your target market. Which is much more easily said than done of course. If you can accomplish it is the key to marketing campaigns and can increase visibility online as well in the process.

Doing research to increase visibility online

When you want to increase visibility online via social networks like Twitter Facebook or Instagram. The best thing to do is to look at people that are in your field, and study what hashtags they’re using, what they are talking about and maybe even engage with them.
A good strategy to keep track of your influence online is to keep a spreadsheet of the most “valuable” hashtags to you. You are able to see how many tweets or pictures on Instagram etc. Are posted on these networks so you can use this information to ascertain how profitable this might be for you increasing your visibility online.

Quantifying hashtags

For example, if you are starting a business as a gift card retailer and the hashtag GiftCard gets 300,000 posts a day (this is an estimation). It’s better to focus on the people who are posting in #giftcard(most of the time) even if it’s broader. As opposed to something that is more specific to your niche like maybe “Travel gift cards”, if you are a travel agency – which might only get 10,000 posts per day.

Here are the actual numbers on that example.


This does not mean that the second hashtag is bad but that you might exhaust your options quite quickly when trying to network with people on a smaller hashtag then you can move on to bigger ones with new people to connect with and share information to increase your visibility online. But you can objectively see that the first hashtag is approximately 8000 times more active. So, it might be more profitable to engage with people on a broad scale. It’s always great to get involved in small niches, sure. But you need to have the research to support your endeavors or it’s a wild goose chase.
Get in touch with me for finding the best hashtags and the best way to approach these markets organically.

Social media presence for increasing visibility online

Another extremely effective way to increase your visibility online is to create social media profiles. Such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. And of course any others you can think of that may be relevant to your niche. Using these networks is critical to your branding on the net. Especially how people perceive you on the social networks and in the way that it provides your website. having these profiles support your website and increasing visibility online overall, every profile is a backlink and so is a reshare.
You can also increase your visibility online by purchasing relevant has on networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. The obvious downside to this is there a cost money upfront. So the campaign can chew through money if you do not know what you are doing.

I offer consultation for social media in CPC services please contact me if you are in need.

Using SEO for increasing visibility online.

SEO is the goto when we talk about web traffic. But it’s a bit of a “sweet science” (mystery) to most people. As the Penguin updates ruined most people’s SEO empires and the industry diminished largely as apart of these campaigns. However, SEO is still just as effective and of course as useful, and it’s not too hard. The biggest factors for your website ranking are “Relevance to keyword”, “density of keyword”, backlinks to your site, social shares. Then a few other things like pageload time, amount of pages you have. It all meshes together to create “domain authority”.

Contact me for SEO consultation, I’ve been doing it for 11 years (longer than any web dev!) so I would love to help you out.

So to close, the best way to increase visibility online is, social profiles, thinking surgically about hashtags and thinking about SEO on your main site, OR doing SEO on your social media, which I’ll cover in a new article.

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