How To Navigate Social Media in 2020

Social media in 2020 is an entirely different beast from what we are familiar with. It has grown to influence trends, marketing campaigns, and even geopolitical influence. Most people did not expect this when social media was in its infancy. Rather, it was mostly used for low-scale communication, sharing videos of funny pictures and IMing friends.

But now social media in 2020 is an entire platform onto itself, much like television or the radio, so we must begin thinking of it that way.

This does not mean that the core tenants of social media marketing and management have changed. But that they must be thought of a bit more carefully and in-depth. Whether you’re trying to turn a profit off of an ad campaign or build a brand through social media in 2020, the ideals apply.

Engagement is always the key in social media. And will continue to be the key to social media in 2020.

Naturally post at a velocity of a few times a week, with healthy comments, likes, re-pins, retweets, etc. These are all the things that have always made in social media powerful. But now you must emphasize them much more, as they are regarded as a few social status items. Rather than just profiles that represent you in a casual way.

How to make your social media profiles more modern in 2020?

Social media reach has certainly changed, but the way we use it has not very much. You don’t want to include anything negative or casual on your page unless you’re trying to cultivate that audience. Plenty can be bad or embarrassing to your image. Curate alignment to your brand and nothing that doesn’t align with your branding.


You need to be vigilant in what you post but also post often, with a mix of types of content. Post velocity matters the most in social media spheres, besides raw like or follow volume – the best thing to have is a social media that is updated daily or a network of social media profiles that are updated daily and interlinked.

Update your CV.

Updating your portfolio or your CV is always a great way to go on any social platform, it serves to show people what you are capable of not just in a professional sense, but in the world. Your LinkedIn and Instagram certainly serve as a portfolio in itself, so you can think of it that way, but those avenues also bring traffic to your CV if it’s on those places, particularly LinkedIn of course.

Stay real.

Posting new creative ventures is always an awesome thing to do, showing that you’re multifaceted is fantastic for engagement and people love people who do new things! Staying real and humanizing your company, brand or self – is all so important in a modern age.

Build with hashtags.

Build a network of people based on the hashtags that you like, that you use yourself and that influencers/competitors that you like to use. Follow these people and see what hashtags they’re using. You can amalgamate a “hot zone” of hashtags for your niche. This way you understand your market fully. You can access the people within it daily, using those hashtags. If they’re popular enough, they’re certain to be more people than you can even talk to. Start your strategy with hashtags here. Your reach will greatly increase!

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