Easy Three Step Checklist for Websites in 2018

Keeping your website up-to-date doesn’t have to be as time involved as you might think. When it seems like keeping up with the time is something difficult to achieve in modern times, the fact of the matter when it comes to your website is that having classic components integrated will give you a solid, longer-lasting strategy. Here’s a in depth  checklist for websites in 2018.

Take the steps below to check how you could be improving your website in 2018.

1. Checklist for websites in 2018 – Responsive is a must. Check your website from multiple devices.

Responsive design is – in sum – your website’s layout and templating being able to properly respond in a pleasing way no matter where it is viewed from. Having your website coded using responsive-friendly code means you are hitting the nail on the head of being mobile-friendly and taking all the elements on your page into account. In April 2015, Google made one its larger changes to their search engine algorithm that directly affected sites that were outdated by not being mobile-friendly. Responsive design also ensures the elements on your web pages (think about the way text reads out, or how images may change in size) for not only phones, but all types of screen sizes for larger hi-def monitors and varying size tablets and laptops. Flat design modern vector illustration concept of website analytics and computing data analysis using modern electronic and mobile devices.

2. Checklist for websites in 2018 – Are you user friendly?

User-friendliness isn’t some mystified ideal to constantly chase. It’s just keeping things simple and making sure that as time goes on, you still apply these principles of easy flow and simplicity. Being minimal doesn’t necessarily mean simple. Simple is necessary. Simple is easy navigation for your audience, however they are best attracted. Simple is no excess but giving them what they want. Simple is nothing that will detract from your goals on page.

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ – Leonardo da Vinci

4 questions you should be answering yes to in order for your user to find the best experience: – Have you tested your site speed? Between 2-4 seconds is ideal for most websites, and looking into your load times is your first step to getting your fastest possible. – Is your contact form easily accessible? Making sure all things are fully in place for a properly functioning contact form are key to making the most out of your website. Be sure it’s in a place you can find with no problem and consider placing it more than just your navigational menu. – Are you making the most out of your navigation menu? Check what your menu stylistically displays like on different devices to be sure you’re not cutting words off and are full mobile friendly. Make sure you’re displaying the most important items in your menu. – Is the most important info for your website displayed in your header and footer for contact, hours of operation, and outreach?

3. Incorporate modern features that will last in your management of your site in 2018 and beyond.

You should be sure that you’re making the most of your ability to continue providing an excellent site for your visitors and that means updating it and continual engagement – at whatever pace, just get going! By implementing a CMS, or content management system, you’re setting yourself up with the easiest way to manage your site from a back-end login. I really love WordPress.


Other modern features that last? Good, classic, readable typography. Large media and photography. Full-width sections. Social feed integrations. All these principles will help your website pass any checklist for years to come, whether 2018, or 2028, it’s all fundamental!

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