Be Unique: 4 Examples of Outstanding Social Media Ideas in Action

We’re not all lost at sea when it comes to social media marketing. Sometimes it’s less of a “navigating the waters” scenario and more of a “the well has run dry” challenge. Either situation you may find yourself in, one thing is sure: you are only going to succeed by escaping the trap of doing nothing at all rather than doing it all so perfect.

2017: The Year Your Social Media Is Serious… Effective!

To get your inspiration back on par or to jump start your efforts on new platforms here are four simple out-of-the-box or cutting-edge approaches for using social media to get your businesses’ message across. Maybe they’ve been around for some time, but I’ve noticed them not being used to their full potential. If you aren’t taking advantage of something somewhere in the social-sphere, here’s some ideas simple and savvy that will make you meet the challenge; be unique!

Increase Reach With Events By Promoting with #Hashtags

This one applies to more than just one single social media site. Any site that utilizes – comfortably and acceptably – the use of hashtags (for example, not Facebook) should one you are utilizing if you are trying to promote a specific event, promotion, coupon, conference, or anything in between. Try to keep your chosen hashtag short – say 8 characters or less. Use it anywhere you talk about the event, and mention to everyone involved to also use it. If you are using a social media site with a powerful search engine behind it – say Twitter – utilize that too to see develops on how far your hashtag reaches.

Expand Your General Audience By Utilizing Groups

Specifically, I want to mention a way you can expand social media presence with a specific site: Pinterest. There’s a neat, new feature that Pinterest has rolled out and if your business or message applies to Pinners, this is something you don’t want to miss out on. You can easily expand your reach and increase your following on your Pinterest profile by leveraging communities and niches and creating a group board. Creating a collaboration of any kind is something that takes time and consideration, so make sure you have found a trusted partner to distribute content with to boost both of your brands. Who doesn’t love win-win?

Quick Tip For Gaining Ground on Twitter

Here’s another one pretty specific to a certain site. Twitter is a great place to quickly and instanteously connect with the exact audience of your desire. Having one of the best adventure grounds for search and “pin-pointing” what kind of content you want to see at any given time, it’s important to note how you are making yourself available and how else you are organizing your followers. Participate in lists on Twitter to make the most out of building relationships. Not only does grouping people together make browsing feeds from groups really nice in management of content display on your end, but every time you add someone to a list of yours they are notified. Only add people to lists, or create lists, that you believe will be actively used or the people you add will take interest. While a bit time consuming, this is also something that can be causally done or vigorously – totally depending on your audience and current marketing goals.

Stretch Out & Strengthen Where Your Social Media & SEO Clasp Together

It may not be as popular as it once was at time buzzing about the social world and the net in general, Stumbleupon is still a powerhouse hitter in driving home some traffic to your site via social media platforms. By 2017, I’d hope you know that social media and SEO do in fact go hand in hand! One of the easiest ways to push both a stronger social media presence on a certain platform and to also strengthen SEO at the same time, Stumbleupon is your hero. Adding icons for social sharing everywhere, keeping your social media sharing icons to a minimum. Be sure to bookmark all of your blogs and articles in Stumbleupon and then also share those links on other social media sites. Every time you do this, your site is getting some love from Google and other search engines. The more the merrier! Remember: you only count as one person and don’t try to mess around with Google in this manner. Now, just be sure you’re pushing Grade A content for visitors to land on when they stumble your way!

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